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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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[WFLY-3305] : :deploy after :undeploy is broken Fixing issue by updating the marker files for the scanner using the runtime status from the ScannerContext. Logging a message in case the deployment managed by the scanner was updated through another management tool. Don't touch the undeployed flag if the deployment is persistent. Fix issue with persistent flag not being changed during replacement. Enabling deployment when replacing from the scanner.

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[WFLY-3198] : Reenabling an application prevents it from deployement after a restart When enabling an undeployed application through the console, remove existing undeployed marker file.

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Spelling fixes

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[WFLY-364] update testcase and bump version to 2.0

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[WFLY-364] add deployment-scanner rollback attribute to the configuration

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[WFLY-364] enable rollback-on-rutime-failure for deployments by default

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[WFLY-1305] After boot-time deployment failure, replace wrong file marker and remove wrong deployment.

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replace usages of deprecated junit.framework.*

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AS7-5978 Use ModelControllerClient.executeAsync() for asynchronous deployment-scanner operations

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AS7-5484 Add wab and esa to list of archive types the scanner detects

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AS7-4832 Store .undeployed marker in the correct directory

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AS7-784 Put down an .undeployed marker when scanner detects external mgmt client has undeployed

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Allow WriteEnabledAttributeHandler to start the scanner Minor other tweaks to running the scanner during boot

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Run a scan when adding the deployment scanner and add any deployments found to the boot operation

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AS7-1840 More alignment of standard configs, marshallers, and xsds

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AS7-1667 support expression in "path" attribute

- Converted subsystem to ResourceDefintion

- added subsystem test

- implemented support for expression on path attribute

fix for test failures

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Move ServerDeploymentRepository to server module; rename to DeploymentMountProvider

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Allow XML files to be deployed by the deployment scanner

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[AS7-341] Make cleanup of content repository happen on deployment remove

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[AS7-341] GC command for deployment repository

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updated FSDS to attempt redeploy of failed deployments upon restart

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AS7-1240 Control auto-undeploy using the auto-deploy config settings

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AS7-1237 Allow new content to auto-deploy if there is a .failed or .undeployed marker AS7-1240 Allow FS deployment scanner to treat deleting deployment content as a trigger for undeploy

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AS7-1237 Re-process a deployment if the last modified time of the deployment is greater than its previous failed/undeployed marker files (if any)

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AS7-1130 A .deployed file on scanner init becomes a .do-deploy

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AS7-1062 Rename/repackage controller-client classes

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Fix ServerStateAttributeHandler Remove legacy server module classes and interfaces

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Re-enable FileSystemDeploymentServiceUnitTestCase

Repackage deployment-repository to ...deployment.repository instead of ...deployment

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