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[WFLY-11644] Add expressions to enable statistics - EJB and WS

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[WFLY-11471] Add expressions to enable statistics

* Add expressions to the features that provides statistics to enable

them using System properties

* wildfly.statistics-enabled - Enable all statistics

* wildfly.undertow.statistics-enabled - Enable Undertow statistics

* wildfly.transactions.statistics-enabled - Enable Transactions


* wildfly.messaging-activemq.statistics-enabled - Enable Artemis


* wildfly.datasources.statistics-enabled - Enable Datasource


The specific system properties (e.g.

wildfly.undertow.statistics-enabled) have precedence over the general

one (wildfly.statistics-enabled).

By default, these expressions resolves to false.

These expressions only applies to resources defined in the shipped

profiles. If a new datasource resource is created, its

`statistics-enabled` attribute will not be set to this expression.

* Update legacy subsystem-templates (to keep them in sync)


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[WFLY-11284] StandardConfigsXMLValidationUnitTestCase fails on legacy builds

WFLY-7618: fix code not to use default platform dependant encoding

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[WFLY-10318] Use Galleon to create the distributions and provision the test suites.

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[WFLY-6409]: Update default domain configuration to use remote+http

Updating default domain configurations.

Removing usage of deprecated http-remotting

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