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[WFLY-12985] Create new galleon-pack, build and dist maven modules to hold MP content

Create the new feature pack and dists. These use the traditional maven module names and GAVs as our standard dist will include the rapidly evolving MP items. New artifact ids are given to the non-MP feature pack and dist artifacts.

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[WFLY-12985] Rename galleon-pack, build and dist maven modules by prefixing with 'ee-'

This is a foundational step, putting in place a structure for producing our traditional top-level feature pack and dists.

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Ensure the .idea/ directory is not included in the source archive.

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[WFLY-10058] Include .cli files and mvnw in sources

[WFLY-9806] Separate uses of from output dir naming uses

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[WFLY-9317] Fix dist and servlet-dist module to use

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Fix assembly

Add Wildfly build plugin and change build to use this instead of ant scripts

This also introduces the wildfly core module that is used as part of the core build

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Merge commit 'refs/pull/5460/head' of



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Introduce wildfly core distribution

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Tweak properties a bit so not every pom has full distro path but common variable

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Rename JBoss AS to WildFly

- renames name in pom.xml

- renames build result folder / zip

- renames output of started server

- renames in README

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Remove SNAPSHOT reference in assembly.xml namespace declaration and use official schemaLocation.

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[AS-409] Build source distribution during a release

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