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WFLY-12590 Integrate MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 2.0

WFLY-12590 Use PersistenceResourceDefinition; cleanup

WFLY-12590 Update tests to pass with security manager

WFLY-12590 Fix phase processing

WFLY-12590 Upgrade SmallRye Fault Tolerance to 2.1.3

WFLY-12590 Expose MICROPROFILE_FAULT_TOLERANCE capability depending on org.wildfly.microprofile.config in order to provision galleon correctly

WFLY-12590 Remove export="true" from module.xml-s

WFLY-12590 Don't expose SmallRye implementation module to deployments; fix deployment race condition

WFLY-12590 Fix EAR deployments Caused by: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: java:comp/DefaultManagedThreadFactory

WFLY-12590 No logging code in Warning: "No URLs will be polled as dynamic configuration sources"

WFLY-12590 Leverage jandex to only activate MP Fault Tolerance extension for deployments using it (resolves WFWIP-285)

WFLY-12590 PR feedback

WFLY-12590 Add licences to feature-pack xml

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Set appropriate language for source blocks and set nowrap option

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[WFLY-11578] Distinguish WildFly metrics types

* In microprofile-metrics-smallrye extension, when attributes that

corresponds to metrics are collected, check whether the attribute

access has the COUNTER_METRIC flag to register it in Prometheus

collector as a counter. Otherwise, the metric is registered as a


* Append _total to the Prometheus name for counters.


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Fix AsciiDoc files in the docs folder that are causing build errors and warnings

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Fix AsciiDoc files in the docs folder that are causing build errors and warnings

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[WFLY-11529] Expose WildFly metrics in Prometheus HTTP endpoint

* add WildFly metrics (from subsystems and deployments) to the /metrics

HTTP endpoint (only in the Prometheus text format)

* Use io.prometheus simpleclient 0.6.0 to collect the metrics and write

them in TextFormat on the /metrics HTTP endpoint

* Name and labels of metrics are built based on the resource path

address and the attribute name (plus an optional prefix that is set

to `wildfly` in the standalone profiles).

* Update Admin guide


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[WFLY-11351] Add resource address and attribute to the metric tags

To improve query and aggregation of the metrics exposed by the

MicroProfile Metrics HTTP endpoints, the resource address' elements and

the attribute name are added to the tags in the metric' metadata.

Add test in MicroProfileMetricsApplicationTestCase to check WildFly

deployment metrics (using Undertow's request-count)


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[WFLY-10712] Observability: MicroProfile Metrics

* Add documentation in the admin guide.


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