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Merge pull request #12651 from jmesnil/WFLY-12557_CDI_producer_health_check

[WFLY-12557] Fix CDI injection of health check probes

[WFLY-12554] Upgrade smallrye-health 2.0


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WFLY-12534 : add a dependency on the JAXB impl classes

Add dependency on org.wildfly.clustering.server, to ensure galleon provisions this module.

[WFLY-12524] Move com.sun.mail:javax.mail:1.6.2 to com.sun.mail:jakarta.mail-api:1.6.4

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Drop obsolete jgroups dependency.

WFLY-12505 Remove unnecessary module dependencies in clustering modules

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WFLY-12513 Invalid logger exclude in org.wildfly.clustering.web.hotrod module.xml

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Make transaction-client service loading dep on ejb-client optional

[WFLY-12392] Removing javaee.api dependency from JSF modules

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[WFLY-12501] Migrate from javax.json to jakarta.json

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Revert "WFLY-12460 Upgrade jboss-transaction-api_1.2_spec to jboss-transactio…"

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[WFLY-12442]:Upgrade jboss-saaj-api and saaj-impl from 1.3 to 1.4

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WFLY-12480 Switch from javax.persistence:javax.persistence-api to jakarta.persistence:jakarta.persistence-api

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[WFLY-12557] Fix CDI injection of health check probes

* Use BeanManager select() to get references on injected beans *managed*

by CDI (instead of creating manually unmanaged references

* add missing javax.entreprise.api to JBoss module

* remove microprofile-tck/health/tck-suite.xml file added to exclude CDI

producer test now that all tests pass again


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[WFLY-12474] Upgrade smallrye-metrics 2.1.4

* upgrade from smallrye-metrics-2.0:1.1.0 to smallrye-metrics:2.1.4.

There was a change in the version convention but this is a micro


* upgrade from microprofile-metrics:2.0.1 to 2.0.2 (micro upgrades)

* smallrye-metrics:2.1.4 incorporates fixes for WFLY-12403 and






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[WFLY-12427] Add missing dependencies for smallrye-health

smallrye-health and its subsystem were missing dependencies to


Once logging was fixed, it showed that smallrye-health was missing a

dependency to smallrye-config to ensure that the SmallRyeHealthReporter

(that is not used by WildFly) was properly injected its



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WFLY-12460 Upgrade jboss-transaction-api_1.2_spec to jboss-transaction-api_1.3_spec 2.0.0CR1

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[WFLY-12418] Move to and

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RemoteCache decorator that registers on start() and closes registration on stop().

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[WFLY-12311] Use smallrye-metrics to expose subsystem metrics

* Replace use of prometheus simple client by smallrye-metrics to collect

and expose subsystem metrics

* use ExtendedMetadata for WildFly vendor metrics

* Remove io.prometheus:simpleclient and

io.prometheus:simpleclient_common dependencies


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[WFLY-12294] Upgrade MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.1

* Update org.eclipse.microprofile-metrics to 2.0.1

* Update smallrye-metrics to io.smallrye-metrics-2.0:1.1.0

(both Maven A and V have changed)

* add dependency (in test scope) that

is required to run the Metrics REST TCK

* Fix integration tests due to specifitions changes in Prometheus

conversion (and HTTP status errors)

* update base metrics to comply with Metrics 2.0 specification

* add microprofile-metrics TCK (both API & REST) to the integration



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[WFLY-12306]: Transition OpenTracing to 1.3 (the latest supported version by Thorntail)

* Upgrade jars to Microprofile 3.0

* Running testsuite/integration/microprofile-tck/opentracing twice without cleaning doesn't fail naymore


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Consolidate scheduler interfaces/logic between session manager implementations.

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[WFLY-12228] Upgrade MicroProfile Health 2.0.1

* Upgrade smallrye-health to io.smallrye:smallrye-health-2.0:1.0.2

(artifactId has changed).

* Use a HealthReporter instance instead of SmallryeHealthReporter (that

is based on CDI-only injection)

* Bump the management model (and XML version) to 2.0

* add the empty-liveness-checks-status and

empty-readiness-checks-status attributes to the subsystem management


* Add check-live and check-ready management operations

* Add the /health/live and /health/ready HTTP endpoints

* Add integration tests for the new HTTP endpoints / management


* Update the `health` feature group spec in Galleon to be able to

customize the empty-liveness-checks-status and

empty-readiness-checks-status attributes using environment variables

* Update admin guide


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[WFLY-12184] http transaction provider itegrated with WFTC

enabling http ejb txn provider in module wftc

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WFLY-12148 HotRod-based session manager should use max-active-sessions to configure L1 per remote cache

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Custom near cache implementation that builds a Caffeine cache from a generic factory instead of a NearCacheConfiguration.

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[WFLY-12131] Missing clustering web configurations in the legacy builds

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[WFLY-12130] Remove duplicate host-exclude from legacy build template config file