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[WFLY-12557] Fix CDI injection of health check probes

* Use BeanManager select() to get references on injected beans *managed*

by CDI (instead of creating manually unmanaged references

* add missing javax.entreprise.api to JBoss module

* remove microprofile-tck/health/tck-suite.xml file added to exclude CDI

producer test now that all tests pass again


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[WFLY-10712] Observability: MicroProfile Metrics

Add microprofile-metrics-smallrye extension to provide support for

MicroProfile Metrics 1.1

* integrate smallrye-metrics:1.1.2 that implements MicroProfile Metrics


* provide the /metrics HTTP endpoint on the management interface

* The extension is added to standalone profiles only (not available in

domain mode)

Dev analysis:


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[WFLY-10709] Support Eclipse MicroProfile OpenTracing

Signed-off-by: Juraci Paixão Kröhling <>

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[WFLY-10711] Support Eclipse MicroProfile Health

* add microprofile-smallrye-health extension

* the MicroProfile Health implementation is provided by smallrye-health


* Healthiness can be queried by:

* the `check` operation on the `/subsystem=microprofile-health-smallrye` resource

* the HTTP endpoint http://localhost:9990/health

The HTTP endpoint is attached to WildFly HTTP management interface.

It secure access is controlled by the `security-enabled` attribute.

Default value i set to `true` (i.e. authentication is required) but the

attribute is set to `false` in the standalone configuration.


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[WFLY-10522] Support Eclipse MicroProfile Config

Add the microprofile-config-smallrye subsystem that provides support for

the Eclipse MicroProfile Config using the SmallRye implementation at

The integrated version is 1.3.3 that supports MicroProfile Config


The name of the subsystem is `microprofile-config-smallrye`.

It is added by default to standalone WildFly configurations.


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WFLY-9796 Update Eclipselink module to public

[WFLY-9789] Move to RESTEasy 3.5 in a EE7 compatible way

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WFLY-9406 remove unneeded asm/javassist dependencies from eclipselink module, in support of upgrading asm

WFLY-6705 Namespaces / schema versions of module.xml are out of sync

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WFLY-5670 Remove Hibernate (5.0/4.3) dependency on commons-collections. Also remove EclipseLink/JPA subsystem dependency on commons-collections

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WFLY-5614 org.hibernate:4.3 should not be alias for 5.0

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WFLY-4658 merge jipijapa source into WildFly and remove Hibernate 3 integration (no longer needed in WildFly)

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adding web & full feature packs and server provisioning

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