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WFLY-12505 Remove unnecessary module dependencies in clustering modules

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WFLY-12513 Invalid logger exclude in org.wildfly.clustering.web.hotrod module.xml

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RemoteCache decorator that registers on start() and closes registration on stop().

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Consolidate scheduler interfaces/logic between session manager implementations.

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WFLY-12148 HotRod-based session manager should use max-active-sessions to configure L1 per remote cache

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Custom near cache implementation that builds a Caffeine cache from a generic factory instead of a NearCacheConfiguration.

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WFLY-12052 Don't evict SFSBs from memory that fail to passivate eagerly.

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Refactor org.wildfly.clustering.infinispan.spi.function package -> org.wildfly.clustering.cache.function, for reuse by hotrod-based modules.

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WFLY-11254 Optimize FineSessionAttributes cache operations

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WFLY-11240 Optimize ServiceProviderRegistry cache operations

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Extract org.wildfly.clustering.infinispan.client module from org.wildfly.clustering.infinispan.spi

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WFLY-7719 HotRod-based distributed session manager

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Extract module from module to be consumed by Extract org.wildfly.clustering.web.cache module from org.wildfly.clustering.web.infinispan module to be consumed by org.wildfly.clustering.web.hotrod

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Refresh Invoker interface and RetryingInvoker interface. Move RetryingInvoker to module. Add unit test.

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WFLY-5550 Distributable Web subsystem

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WFLY-5550 Distributable Web subsystem

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WFLY-9613 Reduce lambda usage for use cases of BinaryKeyFormat.

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WFLY-9613 Reduce lambda usage in distributed web session key externalizers/formats

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Workaround for ISPN-8319. DataContainer implementation that evicts only specific cache entries.

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WFLY-9544 Reduce memory footprint of wildfly-clustering-marshalling-spi by reducing object allocations for common clustering externalizers. Enumerate common externalizer instances, instead of loading new instances per cache container and per deployment. Drop separate class definitions for externalizer classes with just a constructor.

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WFLY-6634 Add remote-cache-container/remote-cache configuration to Infinispan subsystem WFLY-6634 Incorporate feedback for remote-cache-container support WFLY-6634 Rework connection pool configuration into strategy="FIFO|LIFO" WFLY-6634 Drop "force-return-values" as a per cache container configuration WFLY-6634 Don't keep ConfigurationBuilder instances WFLY-6634 Expose switchToCluster() mechanism methods WFLY-6634 Introduce support for hotrod failover clusters WFLY-6634 Merge separate thread pool resource into ThreadPoolResourceDefinition#CLIENT; remove unnecessary model checks in the writer; other cleanup WFLY-9613 Reduce lambda usage (clustering - remote cache) Get rid of couple of compiler warnings

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WFLY-6778 Each Undertow server should expose a distinct SessionIdentifierCodec

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Add KeyFormat implementations for org.wildfly.clustering.server module.

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[WFLY-7988] Update all modules to reference the 'elytron-private' module.

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WFLY-7889 Distributed elytron-based single sign-on integration.

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Generalize SingleSignOnDefinition to accommodate application security domain-based sso.

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WFLY-7910 org.wildfly.clustering.marshalling.spi module should be private

WFLY-7803 Add new marshalling configuration for distributed SSO that leverages a custom class table and an object table of externalizers.

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Prune unnecessary module dependencies.

WFLY-7118 Inefficient marshalling of common session attribute types

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