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WFLY-12505 Remove unnecessary module dependencies in clustering modules

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RemoteCache decorator that registers on start() and closes registration on stop().

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Custom near cache implementation that builds a Caffeine cache from a generic factory instead of a NearCacheConfiguration.

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Extract org.wildfly.clustering.infinispan.client module from org.wildfly.clustering.infinispan.spi

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WFLY-9613 Reduce lambda usage for use cases of BinaryKeyFormat.

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Workaround for ISPN-8319. DataContainer implementation that evicts only specific cache entries.

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WFLY-6634 Add remote-cache-container/remote-cache configuration to Infinispan subsystem WFLY-6634 Incorporate feedback for remote-cache-container support WFLY-6634 Rework connection pool configuration into strategy="FIFO|LIFO" WFLY-6634 Drop "force-return-values" as a per cache container configuration WFLY-6634 Don't keep ConfigurationBuilder instances WFLY-6634 Expose switchToCluster() mechanism methods WFLY-6634 Introduce support for hotrod failover clusters WFLY-6634 Merge separate thread pool resource into ThreadPoolResourceDefinition#CLIENT; remove unnecessary model checks in the writer; other cleanup WFLY-9613 Reduce lambda usage (clustering - remote cache) Get rid of couple of compiler warnings

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[WFLY-7988] Update all modules to reference the 'elytron-private' module.

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WFLY-6705 Namespaces / schema versions of module.xml are out of sync

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WFLY-6603 Expose Infinispan caches and containers as capabilities

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WFLY-5091 User supplied externalizers are ignored by web/ejb clustering code

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Convert modules to use Elytron instead of wildfly-security-manager

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Extract wildfly-clustering-infinispan-spi from wildfly-clustering-infinispan-extension Replace external dependencies on wildfly-clustering-infinispan-extension and wildfly-clustering-jgroups-extension to the corresponding spi modules

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