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[WFLY-11471] Add expressions to enable statistics

* Add expressions to the features that provides statistics to enable

them using System properties

* wildfly.statistics-enabled - Enable all statistics

* wildfly.undertow.statistics-enabled - Enable Undertow statistics

* wildfly.transactions.statistics-enabled - Enable Transactions


* wildfly.messaging-activemq.statistics-enabled - Enable Artemis


* wildfly.datasources.statistics-enabled - Enable Datasource


The specific system properties (e.g.

wildfly.undertow.statistics-enabled) have precedence over the general

one (wildfly.statistics-enabled).

By default, these expressions resolves to false.

These expressions only applies to resources defined in the shipped

profiles. If a new datasource resource is created, its

`statistics-enabled` attribute will not be set to this expression.

* Update legacy subsystem-templates (to keep them in sync)


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[WFLY-11052]: Set journal-pool-files default value to 10

* setting the new default value

* removing hard coded configuration to the default value

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[WFLY-10976] In our standard config files use value of '10' for 'journal-pool-files'.

We don't use the default value of -1 as that causes Artemis to log a WARN.

We don't change the default value as that's an API change. (We might consider that for future releases.)

We use '10' because that's the value that Artemis put in their broker.xml as part of the ARTEMIS-1628 change[1] that introduced the WARN. I put no further thought into the value than that.


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[WFLY-10318] Use Galleon to create the distributions and provision the test suites.

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