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WFLY-7618: fix code not to use default platform dependant encoding

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WFLY-9929 JDR does not close some files properly

[WFLY-9190] Comment out unused logger methods

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WFLY-8941 JDR subsystem model version should be 2.0

[WFLY-8863] Handle locale for start/end time from server to prevent NPE and model version bump

WFLY-7576 Use non-deprecated version of parser registration method

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[WFLY-8161] Fix regexp for system properties passwords in JDR

[WFLY-8355] fix JDR zip file reporting, due to embedded server usage

[WFLY-8161] use JDR Santizer to obsecure system property passwords and do not modify original properties

[WFLY-7034] JDR missing .overlays, layer.conf and version.txt files

[WFLY-7021] script should have better help message

[WFLY-5464] JDR report contains reference to AS7


[WFLY-6409]: Update default domain configuration to use remote+http

Updating default domain configurations.

Removing usage of deprecated http-remotting

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WFCORE-741 WFCORE-740 WFCORE-739 WFCORE-738 Add missing powershell scripts

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Do not use ACC-accepting constructor for JBossThreadFactory

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Use standard API instead of impl specific one

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[WFLY-4357] : Update the JDR Subsystem to Include a Type 4 UUID in its Report * Adds supportability for Windows properties when reading in JBOSS properties file * Use CLI with embedded server if no server is running * Use UUID provided by the server instance. * Moves logging statements to JdrLogger

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WFLY-4506 Fix Compiler Warnings in JDR Subsystem

The jdr subsystem contains three compiler warnings. Two of them

(related to generics) are quite easy to fix.

Issue: WFLY-4506

ExtensionContext.registerSubsystem(String, ModelVersion) now that WFCORE-531 is in core

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Use non deprecated versions of API to simplify service building

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[WFLY-4217] JDR include system properties, jndi view, deployment module information

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[WFLY-4168] run generate-jdr-report on the application server if available

[WFLY-4167] fix AS7Plugin to call dump-services correctly

WFLY-3809 Fix JBOSS_HOME path substitution on Windows.

Given JBOSS_HOME=c:\foo\bar\baz, Windows VirtualFile.getPathName()

returns something like:


This differs from File.getAbsolutePath() which is used elsewhere in JDR.

This caused an issue where $JBOSS_HOME was not being properly replaced

in the generated archive.

Merge pull request #6227 from ramsrib/master

[WFLY-2921] Update the test case to include unresolved address scenario

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Merge pull request #6190 from ctomc/mem-leak

Small memory/easier gc related fixes

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Changing the default port to 9990 from 9999

[WFLY-3016] prevent NullPointerException in JDR CommandLineMain

[EAP6-121] enable the additional gc.log CollectFiles

[EAP6-121] Add EAP6-121 upstream but disabled

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