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[WFCORE-28] Add Global Resource Notifications

Add the global notification handlers to all tests

that modify resources to remove the warnings about the

emitted notifications not being defined


9.x PR:

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[WFLY-266] Notification support

* Refactor the registry for the notification handlers by splitting the map

into path segments to mitigate the o(n) cost.

* Rename the registry to NotificationHandlerRegistry and move it to the package (leveraging the

AtomicFieldUdpated of the package too)


9.x PR:

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[WFLY-3169] Emit local JMX notifications

* Emit JMX notifications based on WildFly's own notifications

* Notification is supported for JMX connections either in-vm (through

ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer() or WildFly's

MBeanServerService) and remotely if the JVM is started with the remote

monitoring and management

* WildFly remoting-jmx does not support JMX notifications

* WildFLy notification are converted to their idiomatic JMX


* WildFly's attribute-value-written is converted to JMX's


* WildFly's resource-added and resource-removed are converted to JMX's

MBeanServerNotifications *and* emitted by the

MBeanServerDelegateMBean (like regular MBeans)


9.x PR:

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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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fixes after review

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Dont use deprecated write attribute handlers

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Use value expression instead of setExpression()

Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #6237 from bstansberry/WFLY-2741-3058""

This reverts commit 1acc7ae0673749547845f290bb7bab1967dbd71e.

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Revert "Merge pull request #6237 from bstansberry/WFLY-2741-3058"

This reverts commit 56df5721bb734de8938f0024ab4865ae9b35d487, reversing

changes made to d2d25ce1e497e5522bfcf73aca0084e96fa2088a.

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Convert JMX tests to RD/AD/OD

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Don't use deprecated apis, part 1

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[WFLY-3161] Bypass access control check for addresses irrelevant to JMX query

[WFLY-3124] JXM PluggableMBeanServerImpl assumes RealmUser principal

[WFLY-3076] Provide 'standalone' status from OperationContext, not from a management read

WFLY-3073 fix broken MBeanServer.createMBean() methods

[WFLY-3058] Expose actively executing mgmt ops as management resources

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Remove naming dep from the JMX subsystem

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Add Wildfly build plugin and change build to use this instead of ant scripts

This also introduces the wildfly core module that is used as part of the core build

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Spelling fixes

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[WFLY-2864] WildFly JMX module

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[WFLY-2864] WildFly Controller module

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Update to WildFly Security Manager 1.0.0.Final

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Close the JMXConnector in the JMX tests to avoid leaking endpoints & threads

[WFLY-2585] Accessing the current AccessControlContext needs to happen outside of the privileged action - otherwise the AccessControlContext is being replaced.

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[WFLY-2218] Make the conditional ignore check for transformers tests against old EAP versions less intrusive

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[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2237] Test jmx transformers against previous eap versions

WFLY-1801 Move remoting to use io subsystem for workers

- fix worker defaults

- preserve backward compatibilty

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-2337] Also ensure that there is always a Subject associated with the call even if one was not provided.

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-1852] Further enhancement to add an AccessAuditContext used for holding some state for the duration of the operation.

Whilst the OperationContext made a good candidate for holding some of this as soon as interaction with non-management components occurred this state was no longer accessible.

The use of a ThreadLocal here uses the Subject.doAs stye so we can ensure any previous context is cleared as the call returns up the stack.

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[WFLY-490] / [WFLY-1852] Move the access mechanism from a Principal to an operation-header

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.