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WFLY-3059 Merge JPA into a single maven module

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Spelling fixes

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WFLY-2902 LockModeType.PESSIMISTIC_WRITE TRACE logging was reported as NONE, changed to 'pessimistic_write'

Update to WildFly Security Manager 1.0.0.Final

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WFLY-2743 Fix up some other static references to the ServiceContainer

Also make sure that code access it in a privilidged block if appropriate

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[WFLY-2609] Work around inconsistent deployment/subdeployment resource registrations for JPA

WFLY-2665 Make JPA statistics enabling config consistent with other WF subsystems by bringing jipijapa 1.0.1.CR1 in with JIPI-28

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Prevent possible deadlocks relating to intermixing of parallel-capable and non-lockless class loaders

WFLY-1994 JPA module throws NPE when binding unavailable persistence unit

WFLY-2436 do not allow JPA deployment failure to stop the server

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WFLY-2387 CDI injection in entity listeners failing

[WFLY-2407] Upgrading MSC + removing all MSC-136 workarounds

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WFLY-2212 Update JPA subsystem to use EE default datasource

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WFLY-2212: Use EE default data source if PU does not defines the data source and the JPA subsystem does not defines its own default data source

WFLY-2277 application client jars in ear should be able to have persistence units deployed and upgrade to Jipijapa 1.0.0.Beta3

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[WFLY-2185][WFLY-2173] Noticed mistake in JPA transformer when writing documentation

WFLY-2195 add defensive check if EntityManagerFactory was already closed

WFLY-2021 Change EE interceptors to be stateless

All state is now stored on the ComponentInstance, and can be setup during the post construct

phase. This largely removes the need for InterceptorFactory. At most a single instance of

each interceptor chain will be created per component, this should result in a massive decrease

in the amount of memory a component instance, and an instance reference allocates.

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WFLY-2136 persistence.xml with org.hibernate.ejb.HibernatePersistence should deploy with Hibernate ORM 4.3.x to improve migration from AS7

WFLY-2151 don't deploy persistence unit in EE client container unless its part of an application client jar

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WFLY-2057 Fix issue with deployment unit processors being registered with same priority

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[WFLY-2065] Update jboss-transaction-spi

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WFLY-1705 wait until the second jpa pu bootstrap phase to use the validator factory

WFLY-2001 JPA getNewTempClassLoader should support getPackage(String name)

WFLY-1650 : Adding parent class lading exlusion mecanism to the ChildFirstClassLoader to avoid potential ClassCastException with Logger.

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WFLY-1953 use 1.0.1.Final of JPA 2.1 spec api jar

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WFLY-1705 JPA should be able to access the CDI-enabled ValidatorFactory

- Remove the JPALazyValidatorFactory and the SerializableValidatorFactory

- Retrieve the EE LazyValidatorFactory from the deploymentUnit attachment instead

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WFLY-1670 upgrade to wildfly security manager 1.0.0.Beta2 and change JPA persistence unit service to run as checked privileged actions

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Fix JPA integration memory/classloader leak - Don't store references to a deployment unit beyond its scope

minor cleanup of HashMap usage and pass Collections.emptyMap instead of empty (new HashMap()).