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[WFLY-10339]: Broadcast/discovery-group resources have ambiguous requirement specs.

* Adding 6 new resources to have specific boradcast and discovery groups

using socket-bindings or cluster connections

* Updating the schema for these new resources

* Requires connectors for broadcast-group resource


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Merge branch 'master' into wfcore-2252

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[WFLY-12284] Replace 'new ModelNode(0)’ with 'ModelNode.ZERO’

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[WFLY-12284] Replace 'new ModelNode(0L)’ with 'ModelNode.ZERO_LONG’

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[WFLY-12284] Replace 'new ModelNode().set(0)’ with 'ModelNode.ZERO’

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[WFLY-12284] Replace 'new ModelNode().set(false)’ with 'ModelNode.FALSE’

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[WFLY-12284] Replace 'new ModelNode().set(true)’ with 'ModelNode.TRUE’

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[WFLY-12284] Replace 'new ModelNode(true)’ with 'ModelNode.TRUE’

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[WFLY-12284] Replace 'new ModelNode(false)' with 'ModelNode.FALSE'

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WFLY-12150: make attributes with default values optional

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[WFLY-11949] Eliminate unneeded dependencies from the legacy messaging subsystem pom and module.xml

Also clean out unneeded code, including switches that can be simple if/else blocks.

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WFLY-9601 upgrade version of checkstyle to latest

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[WFLY-9190] Comment out unused logger methods

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[WFLY-9176] Don't do a recursive readResourceFromRoot to inspect the names of children

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[WFLY-8928] Allow local transactions for JMS RA session

By default, a JMS session created from a RA does not allow local

transactions (as specified by the JMS 2.0 API).

However, for legacy compatibility, this behaviour can be changed by

setting the allow-local-transactions attribute to true on the

pooled-connection-factory resource.

During migration of the legacy messaging subsystem, this attribute

is set to true to preserve the behaviour of HornetQ RA that was

allowing local transactions.


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[WFLY-8849] The describe-migration ops are read-only

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[WFLY-8849] The migration ops are not runtime-only

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WFLY-7576 stop using deprecated setAllowNull in favour of setRequired

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WFLY-7576 Don't use deprecated no-op OperationContext#stepCompleted()

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WFLY-7728 - Lazy load legacy messaging parsers

- don't use static instances

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[WFLY-6504] Fix messaging migration warnings

Clarify migration warnings to emphasis whether something can not be

migrated *from* a legacy resource or *to* a new resource.


Merge pull request #8659 from jmesnil/WFLY-6068_failback_delay_warning

[WFLY-6068] Migration warning for failback-delay

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[WFLY-6068] Migration warning for failback-delay

Discard the failback-delay from the server's add operation during

migration (and not from the ha-policy's add).


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[WFLY-6125] Migration warning for remoting-interceptors

During migration, discard (deprecated) remoting-interceptors attribute

and a migration-warnings that these interceptors must be updated to use

the Artemis interceptor base class instead of the HornetQ one.


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[WFLY-6068] Migration warning for failback-delay.

Warn that the failback-delay attribute is not migrated as Artemis

detects failback in a deterministic way.


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[WFLY-6027] Fix messaging migration warnings

Fix typos


[WFLY-5678] Do not migrate attributes that no longer accept expressions

Reword migration warnings so that they are more helpful when displayed

in both :migrate and :describe-migration operations


Add messaging subsystem transformers for EAP 6.4 and minimize deprecated api usage

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[WFLY-5709] Fix Messaging HA configuration

* the shared-store-colocated configuration creates replication

live/backup configuration instead of shared-store ones.

* live and backup configuration must always be created for colocated


* remove failback-delay attribute that is ignored in Artemis since


* add attribute initial-replication-sync-timeout to specify

deterministically how long to wait for the initial replication.


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[WFLY-5667] Migration: do not migrate parameters ignored by new subsystem

During migration, do not migrate the use-nio parameter for remote/http

connector/acceptor resources in the new messaging-activemq subsystem and

add a warnings to the :migrate operation result.


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