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[WFLY-10339]: Broadcast/discovery-group resources have ambiguous requirement specs.

* Adding 6 new resources to have specific boradcast and discovery groups

using socket-bindings or cluster connections

* Updating the schema for these new resources

* Requires connectors for broadcast-group resource


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[WFLY-11949] Eliminate unneeded dependencies from the legacy messaging subsystem pom and module.xml

Also clean out unneeded code, including switches that can be simple if/else blocks.

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[WFLY-9190] Comment out unused logger methods

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[WFLY-6504] Fix messaging migration warnings

Clarify migration warnings to emphasis whether something can not be

migrated *from* a legacy resource or *to* a new resource.


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[WFLY-6068] Migration warning for failback-delay.

Warn that the failback-delay attribute is not migrated as Artemis

detects failback in a deterministic way.


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[WFLY-6027] Fix messaging migration warnings

Fix typos


[WFLY-5678] Do not migrate attributes that no longer accept expressions

Reword migration warnings so that they are more helpful when displayed

in both :migrate and :describe-migration operations


[WFLY-5709] Fix Messaging HA configuration

* the shared-store-colocated configuration creates replication

live/backup configuration instead of shared-store ones.

* live and backup configuration must always be created for colocated


* remove failback-delay attribute that is ignored in Artemis since


* add attribute initial-replication-sync-timeout to specify

deterministically how long to wait for the initial replication.


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[WFLY-5667] Migration: do not migrate parameters ignored by new subsystem

During migration, do not migrate the use-nio parameter for remote/http

connector/acceptor resources in the new messaging-activemq subsystem and

add a warnings to the :migrate operation result.


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[WFLY-5526] Migrate forward-when-no-consumers attribute

Warn if the attribute is using an expression (and discard it).

Otherwise change it to the message-load-balancing-type according to

Artemis documentation at


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[WFLY-5380] Do not create legacy connection factory using in-vm connector

Artemis in-vm connectors are not compatible with HornetQ ones.

Instead of creating legacy-connection-factory that would generate errors

during reload, discard it and add a warning.


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[WFLY-5084] Warning for unmigrated discovery-group attributes

Add migration-warnings when discovery-group attributes can not be be



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[WFLY-5086] Messaging HA migration

* migrate the HA configuration of the legacy messaging servers when it

is possible to determine its state.

* if shared-store or backup attributes hold expressions, there is no way

to determine the actual HA configuration of the server in domain mode.

In that case, the HA configuration is discarded and the user is


* In other case, a ha-policy resource is created for the migrated server

of the new messaging-activemq subsystem.


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[WFLY-5083] Warning for unmigrated broadcast-group attributes

Add migration-warnings when broadcast-group attributes can not be be



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[WFLY-4960] Discard interceptors during messaging migration

HornetQ-based interceptors can not be loaded by Artemis.

Discard them during the migration operatin and warn the user that

he must implement them using the Artemis base type instead.


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[WFLY-4594] move messaging subsystem to legacy/


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[WFLY-4587] Messaging migrate management operation

add :migrate operation to legacy messaging subsystem


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