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[WFLY-6125] Migration warning for remoting-interceptors

During migration, discard (deprecated) remoting-interceptors attribute

and a migration-warnings that these interceptors must be updated to use

the Artemis interceptor base class instead of the HornetQ one.


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[WFLY-5667] Migration: do not migrate parameters ignored by new subsystem

During migration, do not migrate the use-nio parameter for remote/http

connector/acceptor resources in the new messaging-activemq subsystem and

add a warnings to the :migrate operation result.


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[WFLY-5678] Do not migrate attributes that no longer accept expressions

The discovery-group and broadcast-group resources in the legacy

messaging subsystem accept expressions for their jgroups-stack and

jgroups-channel resources.

The same resources in the new messaging-activemq subsystem no longer

accepts expressions for them (as they are references to other model


During migration, these attributes are ignored and removed from the new

:add operations to create the messaging-activemq resources and warnings

are added to the migration-warnings.

This allows the :migrate operation to succeed and the user will have to

fix the model afterwards by specifying a correct value for these



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Merge pull request #8226 from jmesnil/WFLY-5458_jgroups_stack_not_allow_expressions

[WFLY-5458] Do not allow expressions for jgroup-stack and groups-channel attributes

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[WFLY-5526] Migrate forward-when-no-consumers attribute

Warn if the attribute is using an expression (and discard it).

Otherwise change it to the message-load-balancing-type according to

Artemis documentation at


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[WFLY-5458] Do not allow expressions for jgroup-stack and jgroups-channel attributes

These attributes may reference other management resources (cf. WFLY-5189) and must not

allow expressions.


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[WFLY-5384] Validate Artemis Parameters

* map WildFly hyphen-separated names to Artemis CamelCase names for

acceptor/connectors parameters

* change http-upgrade-endpoint to be a required attribute for http-connector resource


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[WFLY-5014] jms-bridge context properties can not be parsed

* fix jms-bridge's source-context and target-contex attribute


* add a jms-bridge element to the legacy messaging configuration test

used to check its migration


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[WFLY-4960] Discard interceptors during messaging migration

HornetQ-based interceptors can not be loaded by Artemis.

Discard them during the migration operatin and warn the user that

he must implement them using the Artemis base type instead.


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[WFLY-4587] Messaging migrate management operation

add :migrate operation to legacy messaging subsystem


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