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Merge pull request #10318 from jstourac/minorFixInFeaturePackBinShell

[WFLY-9094] Minor changes in bin/ and bin/

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Merge pull request #9263 from gastaldi/patch-2

WFLY-7291: InfinispanCacheDeploymentListener fix

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WFLY-6974 Messaging subsystem xsd should be 2.0

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[WFLY-8928] Allow local transactions for JMS RA session

By default, a JMS session created from a RA does not allow local

transactions (as specified by the JMS 2.0 API).

However, for legacy compatibility, this behaviour can be changed by

setting the allow-local-transactions attribute to true on the

pooled-connection-factory resource.

During migration of the legacy messaging subsystem, this attribute

is set to true to preserve the behaviour of HornetQ RA that was

allowing local transactions.


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[WFLY-8833] JMS ObjectMessage deserialization

add deserialization-white-list (resp. deserialization-black-list)

attribute to the connection-factory and pooled-connection-factory

resources to explicitly allow (resp. disallow) deserialization of Java

classes when a JMS ObjectMessage is consumed.

By default, both lists are empty and no check is performed when a JMS

ObjectMessage is consumed.


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[WFLY-8632] Add jdbc-network-timeout attribute

* add journal-jdbc-network-timeout to help detect network issues when

the JDBC store is used by Artemis.


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[WFLY-8621] Store JMS Bindings in Messaging JDBC store

add journal-jms-bindings-table attribute to store JMS bindings in a JDBC



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[WFLY-8554] Add credential-reference to pooled-connection-factory resource

credential-reference is an alternative to the password attribute to

configure the user credentials passed to Artemis RA.

wildfly-messaging-activemq_1_1.xsd is not touched as the schema is already defining the

credential-reference XML element inside pooled-connection-factory XML element.


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[WFLY-8256] Change replication-master check-for-live-server default value

Change its default value to true so that it is not possible to have a

cluster with 2 nodes behaving as live servers at the same time (at the

cost of a 10s delay when servers are started and wait to check if there

is already a live server up).

This change applies for both replication-master and

replication-colocated/master HA policy

Add transformers to reject the attribute if it is undefined (new version

would default to true while legacy versions would default to false)


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[WFLY-8246] Static cluster with http-connector

add server-name attribute to the http-connector resources so that the

connector can connect to the correct ActiveMQ Artemis server on a remote

app server (as the app server can embed multiple Artemis server with the

same acceptor names, the Artemis server name is required to identifed

the correct one).

If this attribute is undefined, the http-connector will use the name of

its parent Artemis server (making it suitable for http-connector used to

connect to the server itself).


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WFLY-8070 Passwords and credential-reference should be mutually exclusive

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[WFLY-7911] transformes and reject test changes according to PR review

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[WFLY-7926] Support paging for messaging JDBC store

* add journal-page-store-table attribute to messaging-activemq's server



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[WFLY-7850] Simplify messaging's database persistence

* add journal-database attribute to specify the type of database used to

store messaging data. This attribute is used to determine the SQL

statements (specified in

* remove journal-sql-provider-factory attribute


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[WFLY-7231] Elytron based security manager implementation for Artemis.

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[WFLY-7648] Configuration of ActiveMQ client thread pools

add global-client-thread-pool-max-size and

global-client-scheduled-thread-pool-max-size to configure the size of

thread pools used by any ActiveMQ client running inside the server.

These values are global for the JVM and will apply to any ActiveMQ

client (it has no relation to thread pools used by ActiveMQ server or

resource adapter).


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[WFLY-6888] Fix bridge support for large messages

* add producer-window-size attribute to the cluster-connection and

bridge resources to be able to set values compatible with the

min-large-message-size values to support large messages


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[WFLY-6728] JDBC Store for artemis

* add attributes to the messaging-activemq's server resources

to be able to store information in a JDBC data store instead of the

file-based journal


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[WFLY-3636] Add pool statistics for pooled-connection-factory

Add runtime resource statistics=pool to the pooled-connection-factory.

Statistics are enabled only if the pooled-connection-factory's

statistics-enabled attribute is true (it is false by default).


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[WFLY-5851] Add rebalance-connections to pooled-connection-factory resource

* update the XML schema and parser

* add transformer for legacy versions


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