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Merge pull request #10318 from jstourac/minorFixInFeaturePackBinShell

[WFLY-9094] Minor changes in bin/ and bin/

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Merge pull request #9263 from gastaldi/patch-2

WFLY-7291: InfinispanCacheDeploymentListener fix

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WFLY-6974 Messaging subsystem xsd should be 2.0

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[WFLY-8928] Allow local transactions for JMS RA session

By default, a JMS session created from a RA does not allow local

transactions (as specified by the JMS 2.0 API).

However, for legacy compatibility, this behaviour can be changed by

setting the allow-local-transactions attribute to true on the

pooled-connection-factory resource.

During migration of the legacy messaging subsystem, this attribute

is set to true to preserve the behaviour of HornetQ RA that was

allowing local transactions.


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[WFLY-6888] Fix bridge support for large messages

* add producer-window-size attribute to the cluster-connection and

bridge resources to be able to set values compatible with the

min-large-message-size values to support large messages


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Bump messaging-activemq version to 1.1.0

* update the messaging-activemq subsystem to 1.1.0 management version

* add 1.1 XML parser

* add resource transformers

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[WFLY-3636] Add pool statistics for pooled-connection-factory

Add runtime resource statistics=pool to the pooled-connection-factory.

Statistics are enabled only if the pooled-connection-factory's

statistics-enabled attribute is true (it is false by default).


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[WFLY-5851] Add rebalance-connections to pooled-connection-factory resource

* update the XML schema and parser

* add transformer for legacy versions


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