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Merge pull request #7228 from wolfc/WFLY-4305-2

WFLY-4305: fix broken scripts

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Merge pull request #7676 from emmartins/WFLY-1366

WFLY-1366: adding test for definition of an embedded datasource

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Merge pull request #7615 from maeste/WFLY-4566

WFLY-4566 Remove support for jboss-as-datasources_1_0.xsd

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Merge pull request #7621 from soul2zimate/WFLY-4801-master

[WFLY-4801] datasource jndi-name expression value should be resolved …

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Merge pull request #7520 from tadamski/WFLY-4581

WFLY-4581 JacORB migrate operation

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[WFLY-4594] move messaging subsystem to legacy/


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Change occurences of WildFly 8/9 with WildFly 10

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WFLY-4751 Let the BinderService(s) for JMS queue/topic depend on JMSQueueService/JMSTopicService to ensure JNDI lookups don't return null

WFLY-4751 Let the BinderService(s) for JMS queue/topic depend on JMSQueueService/JMSTopicService to ensure JNDI lookups don't return null

[WFLY-4740] Move JMS high-level commands to the messaging extension

move JMS high-level commands (jms-queue, jms-topic, connection-factory,

create-jms-resource, delete-jms-resource) from wildfly-cli module to the

messaging extensions (that provides the server runtime for these commands)


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[WFLY-4716] Remove temporary code now that core has been released

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[WFCORE-598] [WFLY-4716] Implement the new ordered resource methods in custom resource implementations

introducing some temporary code to preserve compatibility with core

until released

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Prevent NPE in HornetQService.stop()

The server can use either socket-binding or outbound-socket-binding.

In its stop method check whether the binding is null before

unregistering it as it can be either in the socketBindings or the

groupBindings collection.

Merge pull request #6607 from kabir/WFLY-2807

[WFLY-2807] Make hornetq runtime-queue resources runtime

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[WFLY-4563] Remove category org.jboss.messaging and use category for all messaging log messages.

[WFLY-4533] Port jboss-as-messaging_1_5.xsd

* port jboss-as-messaging 1.5 XML schema

* by mistake, the 1.4 XSD provided in EAP was changed after EAP was

release. The XSD was later fixed but for compatibility sake, the

erroneous elements (that are added in 1.5) are also handled by the 1.4


* hornetq-server's override-invm-security

* address-settings's slow-consumer-*


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[WFLY-4355] Remove deprecated usages of DeploymentUnit resource methods.

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[WFLY-4282] Add listDeliveringMessages and listScheduledMessages to JMS queues

* add list-delivering-messages (and -json variant) to jms-queue resources

* add list-scheduled-messages (and -json variant) to jms-queue resources


[WFLY-3943] Clustered messaging tests with JGroups

* use jgroups stack and channel for the messaging's HA configuration

* add tests for clustered queues and topics where the cluster is formed

using a JGroups channel (from the standalone-full-ha.xml configuration)


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[WFLY-4426] do not revertReloadRequired unless reload was required

Do not call revertReloadRequired() in rollbackRuntime() unless

reloadRequired() was actually called in performRuntime()


[WFLY-4423] ClassNotFoundException when restarting a jms-bridge

When the JMS bridge is started (or restarted), set the TCCL to the

module class loader which is either the user-specified module or to ensure that the creating of the remote initial

context factory succeeds.


BZ#1189170 Deprecate messaging subsystem

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ExtensionContext.registerSubsystem(String, ModelVersion) now that WFCORE-531 is in core

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Use non deprecated versions of API to simplify service building

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Leverage Builder<T> and ServiceNameFactory for JGroups subsystem services.

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Extract wildfly-clustering-jgroups-api and wildfly-clustering-jgroups-spi from wildfly-clustering-jgroups-extension

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[WFLY-4184] :list-delivering-messages operation

add the list-delivering-messages (and

list-delivering-messages-as-json) operation to the messaging's queue

(and runtime-queue) resources to list the messages that are currently

delivered for a given queue and which consumers is receiving them.


add XML validation to messaging subsystem

[WFLY-4584] new messaging-activemq subsystem

* add Maven GAVs for ActiveMQ Artemis artifacts

* add new messaging-activemq subsystem based on the legacy messaging

subsystem and using Artemis code instead of HornetQ

* update test to use urn:jboss:domain:messaging-activemq:1.0 namespace

* add ActiveMQ Artemis client artifacts to jms client

* add org.jboss.activemq.artemis.integration:activemq-wildfly-integration artifact

* use service extension to bind with Artemis's transaction manager locator and recovery manager

* add (core) queues addition/removal to JMSOperations


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[WFLY-4013] messaging's socket-binding are not registered

When the HornetQService is started (resp. stopped), the socket-bindings

used by the service are registered (resp. unregistered), so that their

runtime state is correct (calling :read-resource on them will display

them as bound).

Note that the socket-bindings referenced by the connectors are *not*

registered. We use them only to get a reference on the host/port of the

server but they are not opened (the client will open them).