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[WFLY-12557] Fix CDI injection of health check probes

* Use BeanManager select() to get references on injected beans *managed*

by CDI (instead of creating manually unmanaged references

* add missing javax.entreprise.api to JBoss module

* remove microprofile-tck/health/tck-suite.xml file added to exclude CDI

producer test now that all tests pass again


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Merge pull request #11921 from MMarus/EAP7-1100

[WFCORE-4227] Add documentation about the ability of the CLI SSL securi…

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[WFLY-12228] Add new attributes to the legacy feature pack subsystem template

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Merge branch 'master' into wfcore-2252

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[WFLY-12284] Replace 'new ModelNode(true)’ with 'ModelNode.TRUE’

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[WFLY-12228] Upgrade MicroProfile Health 2.0.1

* Upgrade smallrye-health to io.smallrye:smallrye-health-2.0:1.0.2

(artifactId has changed).

* Use a HealthReporter instance instead of SmallryeHealthReporter (that

is based on CDI-only injection)

* Bump the management model (and XML version) to 2.0

* add the empty-liveness-checks-status and

empty-readiness-checks-status attributes to the subsystem management


* Add check-live and check-ready management operations

* Add the /health/live and /health/ready HTTP endpoints

* Add integration tests for the new HTTP endpoints / management


* Update the `health` feature group spec in Galleon to be able to

customize the empty-liveness-checks-status and

empty-readiness-checks-status attributes using environment variables

* Update admin guide


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[WFLY-11186][WFLY-11187] Weld subsystem should declare a capability

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[WFLY-11967] Eliminating CapabilityServiceTarget.addCapability() deprecated method usages

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[WFLY-11310] Use registered priorities for MP Health DUP


[WFLY-11310] Use registered priorities for MP Health DUP


[WFLY-11448] Fix registration of the :check operation

This operation checks the healthiness of the server and rely on its

runtime service.

Do not register it if the server is not in NORMAL mode (i.e. the

operation is not available in ADMIN_ONLY).


[WFLY-11387] IllegalStateException when MetricsContextService is stopped

* Fix MetricsContextService so that it is controlled by the subsystem

resource capabilites and properly stopped.

* Make similar change to the HealthContextService in the

microprofile-health-smallrye subsystem that exhibits the same



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[WFLY-10711] Support Eclipse MicroProfile Health

Remove services when the subsystem is removed.



[WFLY-10711] Support Eclipse MicroProfile Health

* add microprofile-smallrye-health extension

* the MicroProfile Health implementation is provided by smallrye-health


* Healthiness can be queried by:

* the `check` operation on the `/subsystem=microprofile-health-smallrye` resource

* the HTTP endpoint http://localhost:9990/health

The HTTP endpoint is attached to WildFly HTTP management interface.

It secure access is controlled by the `security-enabled` attribute.

Default value i set to `true` (i.e. authentication is required) but the

attribute is set to `false` in the standalone configuration.


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