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Introduce mod_cluster model 7.0 and schema 5.0

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WFLY-10489 Rename mod_cluster Tomcat/JBossWeb-era "connector" attribute to listener

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WFLY-6803 Add multi-server support to mod_cluster WFLY-10439 Modernize mod_cluster subsystem WFLY-10490 Expose ModClusterServiceMBean as a mod_cluster capability


WFLY-10501 mod_cluster "advertise-socket" attribute is missing a capability reference

WFLY-10442 mod_cluster proxy operations' rollback handlers make potentially dangerous assumptions

WFLY-10479 mod_cluster "proxies" attribute is missing a capability reference

WFLY-10441 mod_cluster proxy operations are incorrectly registered at the subsystem level

WFLY-10445 mod_cluster enable/disable/enable-context/disable-context proxy operations do not return the result

WFLY-10473 mod_cluster subsystem add operation attempts to start services prematurely

WFLY-10444 mod_cluster add-proxy operation should not try to resolve the hostname


WFLY-10467 Drop support for mod_cluster subsystem model versions prior 1.5.0

WFLY-10443 Deprecate and schedule for removal redundant mod_cluster add/remove-[custom-]metric operations

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[WFLY-10355] Put the non-multicast mod_cluster attributes in the xsd order

WFLY-9348 Remove unnecessary port="0" from subsystem templates defining a multicast socket binding

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WFLY-8755 Undertow host locations are not exposed to mod_cluster load balancer

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Bump mod_cluster schema to 3_0 and model to 4.1.0

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WFLY-7264 Multicast address of modcluster socket-binding should be parametrized

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WFLY-6575 Cloud environment example profiles have configured mod_cluster with multicast-based advertise

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[WFLY-1970] Make mod_cluster status interval configurable

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Add Wildfly build plugin and change build to use this instead of ant scripts

This also introduces the wildfly core module that is used as part of the core build

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