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Arrange merging issues.

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Remove the test for ModelType.EXPRESSION as we have validateResolvedParameter().

Fix WFLY-100 the write-attribute(name=proxy-list,value=...) has also no tests.

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fix for WFLY-332

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Fix for JBPAPP6-812.

WFLY-381 Add undertow support to mod_cluster subsystem.

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[WFLY-1417] Swap over the parameters to assertEquals so the expected values are the first parameter. (Was leading to misleading error messages on failure)

Allow to add modcluster without specifying a advertise-socket. It use the default

AS7-6673 Remove OperationContext.Stage.IMMEDIATE

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replace usages of deprecated junit.framework.*

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Fix code to comply with more strict UnusedImport rules

* don't introduce compile import dependency in case javadoc is only user of imporated class

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AS7-6540 Correct capacity attribute transformation so precision loss is rejected Make writeAttribute transformation testing recursive to allow multiple corrections to the same attribute Use ModelFixer to deal with transformer-introduced anomalies in reverse controller checks

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[AS7-6542] skipReverseControllerCheck() and JIRAs to get rid of them

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Remove all unused imports

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Make subsystem-test use the legacy dependencies for its full classpath

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Make ModelTestUtils.checkFailedTransformedBootOps check TransformedOp.failureDescription when failure is expected

Associated subsystem fixes

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[AS7-6334] Better test coverage for modcluster rejections

Fix ModelTestUtils to work with transformations that modify the model

This involved:

Make MTU.checkFailedTransformedBootOperations() use the original operation as the basis for further testing (previously it was using the transformed op, which hid some issues)

Making a saner version of FailedOperationTransformationConfig.ChainedConfig

Making the FailedOperationTransformationConfig.PathAddressConfig hierarchy a bit easier to work with

Sometimes expressions were not being set by parsers

Fix ListAttributeDefinition parsing

Revisit some of the subsystem parsers and tests following the changes

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AS7-5695 OperationStepHandlers for some mod-cluster subsystem ops don't handle rollback

Use builder for modcluster transformers

add some more runtime tests

added SSL test & fixed write-attribute handler

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fix typos & values

Only register transformers if we are the master DC

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Make sure capacity gets transformed to an int rather than a long

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Test more attributes in modcluster test

Make transformers tests pass

Convert capacity type from double to int

Add a test for expressions.

Override methods in SimpleAttributeDefinitionBuilder for b/w compatibility. Fix the versions used by modecluster test

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