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[WFLY-4945] Apply nil-significant setting to security-sensitive attributes where Maintainer should not be able to set to 'undefined'

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[WFLY-266] Notification Support

* add notifications to AS7 resources description

notifications are described in :read-resource-description operation if

the notifications boolean is true

* NotificationDefinition let any resources describe the notifications

they can emit by registering them in the ManagementResourceRegistration

* add NotificationRegistry (exposed by the ModelController) to

register/unregister notification handlers

* add NotificationSupport to emit notifications during a managemenet

operations (through OperationContext.emit(Notification))

Notifications emitted by OperationContext.emit(Notification) are

effectively sent at the end of the operation execution if it is

successful. This ensure that the order of notifications emitted by a

single OperationContext will be received in the same order (unless they

are emitted during the ResultHandler execuion).

If the NotificationSupport is created with an ExecutorService, the

delivery of notifications is non-blocking and will not block the

remaining code path of the operation execution.


9.x PR:

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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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Remove 7.1.2 test controller

- for now we just skip all tests that ware testing 7.1.x compatibility

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use .set(new ValueExpression()) instead of deprecated .setExpression()

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Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #6237 from bstansberry/WFLY-2741-3058""

This reverts commit 1acc7ae0673749547845f290bb7bab1967dbd71e.

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Revert "Merge pull request #6237 from bstansberry/WFLY-2741-3058"

This reverts commit 56df5721bb734de8938f0024ab4865ae9b35d487, reversing

changes made to d2d25ce1e497e5522bfcf73aca0084e96fa2088a.

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More fine-grained validation of operations in subsystem-test

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[WFLY-3081] : forward port of BZ-900786 Adding new attributes using socket bindings for redirect port and proxy configuration of web connector. Failing if the attributes are defined in previous xsd configuration file. Adding tests for WildFly legacy upgrade, these tests are failing because of WFLY-3153.

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[WFLY-3058] Expose actively executing mgmt ops as management resources

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[WFLY-1904] Support deferring system property expressions until after vault is installed

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Spelling fixes

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[WFLY-2589] Support not include attribute default values in transformer test models

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[WFLY-2218] More forgiving specification of -Djboss.test.transformers.eap

[WFLY-2218] Support being able to add individual classes from target/test-classes (or elsewhere) to the child first CL, and actually pass AdditionalInitialization through to the legacy controller

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[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2230] Fix web subsystem transformers for 1.1.1 and test transformers against 7.2.0

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[WFLY-2218] Remove isDefined() check in AttributesPathAddressConfig

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[WFLY-2239] Messaging transformation for 7.2.0

add resource transformers for 7.2.0.Final

* fix messaging transformers for 7.1.2.Final & 7.1.3.Final

that were missing the checkSubsystemModelTransformation checks

* put back the failover-on-server-shutdown deprecated attributes in the

model and marshalled XML

* allow null for socket-binding attribute as it has alternatives and can

be undefined

* clean up the code to make the resource transformation simpler to figure


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[WFLY-2279] Explicitely turn on the transformers tests for eap using -Djboss.test.transformers.eap

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[WFLY-2279] Fix memory leak causing ChildFirstClassLoaders to not get collected

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[WFLY-2279] Ability to specify that we should use the eap repository to download artifacts

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[WFLY-2218][WFLY-2246] Improve Weld subsystem transformers and tests.

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[WFLY-2279] Add the EAP versions to ModelControllerVersion

[WFLY-2279] Use org.junit.Assume to be able to conditionally ignore transformers tests against a legacy EAP version, if not on the VPN

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[WFLY-2185][WFLY-2173]The last rebase pulled in that we are now Beta2-SNAPSHOT

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[WFLY-2185][WFLY-2173] Set up core-model-test for 7.2.0 legacy controller, and some fixes to subsystem-test to get ready for 7.2.0 testing

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[WFLY-490] Redo the relationship between Authorizer and the configuration

Introduce an AuthorizerConfiguration interface to encapsulate all configuration state from the management API.

Use that for accessing configuration state in DefaultPermissionFactory and the role mappers.

Provide a writable implementation to the various OSHs responsible for handling management ops.

Formalize support for the is-caller-in-role op.

Remove the ConfigurableAuthorizer interface; move API up to Authorizer.

Flesh out how a custom Authorizer would integrate; added CustomAuthorizer interface.

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WFLY-1650 : Adding parent class lading exlusion mecanism to the ChildFirstClassLoader to avoid potential ClassCastException with Logger.

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[WFLY-490][WFLY-488] rbac for the jmx subsystem. Needs tests

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[WFLY-490] Shuffle the application and sensitivity classification resources and xml around, so that the classifications are grouped by type

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