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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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Fix logic

Fix logic

update jar invalidation utils

update jar invalidation utils

Merge pull request #6227 from ramsrib/master

[WFLY-2921] Update the test case to include unresolved address scenario

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Merge pull request #6190 from ctomc/mem-leak

Small memory/easier gc related fixes

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Merge pull request #5940 from ssilvert/cli-gui-logs

WFLY-2985 Simple implementation of view/download server logs from CLI GU...

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[WFLY-3233] disable .jar invalidation for patching

  1. … 1 more file in changeset. way (new command, extension of existing command) to display information about patch file

Merge pull request #6116 from kwart/jbqa-9274-as-ts-sec-man-module-wfly

[bz-1065994] Added new testsuite module for testing AS with the security manager enabled

[WFLY-405] reuse the identity from the rollback target for the next patch

fix --reset-configuration help text

Modify --patch-id option to optional

[WFLY-405] patching history processing of artifacts against the current patch identity

[WFLY-3085] updating non existing and adding existing misc content with override on

[WFLY-405] process the patchable targets validation as child of the patch.xml

[WFLY-2964] missing i18n

[WFLY-3012] record proper rollback action

[WFLY-3012] don't report a conflict for empty directories

Spelling fixes

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[WFLY-2942] make error message more clear

Avoid some charset lookups

Background info:

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[WFLY-2864] WildFly Patching module

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Update to WildFly Security Manager 1.0.0.Final

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[WFLY-405] validate history before applying or rolling back a patch

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[WFLY-2558] fix patching test assertion NPE in cli is thrown when using preserve, override without parameter

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[WFLY-547] track uncleanly unregistered slave hosts

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[WFLY-405] send rollback-to when connected