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Merge pull request #11838 from mackaypeter/WFLY-9884

[WFLY-9884] Add test coverage for WeldResourceInjectionServices concurrency issues.

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[WFLY-11239] Refactoring SAR subsystem to don't use deprecated ServiceBuilder methods.

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WFLY-10232 JNDIBindingMBeanTestCase fails intermittently

[WF-8862] Corrected schema version in several .xsd files

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WFLY-7576 Use non-deprecated version of parser registration method

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[WFLY-8499] Eliminating usage of deprecated methods that used MSC optional dependencies

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[WFLY-8458] Use SarLogger.

[WFLY-8458] throw DeploymentUnitProcessingException instead of NPE when MBean does not have no-arg constructor.

WFLY-7711 Make AbstractSubsystemBaseTest#testSchemaOfSubsystemTemplates opt-in as opposed to flooding reports with @Ignored tests (WFCORE-1677)

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[WFLY-7008] Drop 'extension' from cap name as we don't use this pattern elsewhere

WFLY-6566 SAR deployer uses injected bean's class to resolve method during deployment

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Update sar transformers tests for EAP 6.2, 6.3, 6.4

WFLY-5299 Don't setup weld context for MBean method invocations

WFCORE-803 WFCORE-912 register capabilities on resources

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[WFLY-4260] Schema validation errors against jboss-service_7_0.xsd

Remove type paramaters from ClassReflectionIndex

This type only referes to deployment classes, the type paramter will never be a known type

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WFLY-4835 remove references to ClassIndex

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[WFLY-4563] SAR log category clean-up.

ExtensionContext.registerSubsystem(String, ModelVersion) now that WFCORE-531 is in core

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Use non deprecated versions of API to simplify service building

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Don't run blocking lifecycle MBean methods in MSC threads. Forum discussion

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add XML validation for sar subsystem

WFLY-4008 Update to reverse calling the setupActions teardown

SAR deployements need the ability to register MBeans because the core MBeanServer implementation checks the protection domain of the actual mbean class itself directly

JMX/SAR Capabilities and Requirements

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Clean up XML to remove java style comments

Also make sure there is a newline at the end of the file

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[WFLY-3276] Misc fix: exception is constructed but not thrown

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Remove naming dep from the JMX subsystem

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Add Wildfly build plugin and change build to use this instead of ant scripts

This also introduces the wildfly core module that is used as part of the core build

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Spelling fixes

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