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Merge pull request #11838 from mackaypeter/WFLY-9884

[WFLY-9884] Add test coverage for WeldResourceInjectionServices concurrency issues.

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Merge pull request #9144 from tremes/WFLY-2387-bm-test

WFLY-2387 test beanManager usage in entity listener callbacks.

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Merge pull request #9263 from gastaldi/patch-2

WFLY-7291: InfinispanCacheDeploymentListener fix

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Merge pull request #9040 from bstansberry/movelines

Move code into the if block where its needed.

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Merge pull request #9944 from pferraro/singleton-workaround

Ignore singleton deployment tests until WFLY-8540 changes are merged.

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WFLY-5227 security-manager is now supplied by wildfly-core

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Merge pull request #8419 from jmesnil/WFLY-5621_messaging_xsd_cleanup

[WFLY-5621] Cleanup messaging XSD schemas

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[WFLY-7300]: OperationHandlers that register DeploymentProcessor should do it only on boot.

Extending AbstractBoottimeAddStepHandler instead of AbstractAddStepHandler.

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[WFLY-6550] Use fromString instead of create when the text may include a slot

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[WFLY-4882] Differentiate empty and undefined maximum sets.

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[WFLY-6340] Adding deployment permissions should put server in reload required

[WFLY-4882] Validate subsystem and deployment permissions against the maximum-set.

Use PersistentResourceXMLDescription for parsing complex attributes

[WFLY-4880] Refactor the security manager permissions to be list


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Fixed mixed domain tests, and use live domain.xml configuration for it.

Using the live configuration avoids the eternal problem of these tests

becoming stale. The DomainAdjustors trim the config down into something

more manageable, and make necessary changes to get it to work on the

targetted legacy version. This means that the huge domain.xml file can

now be removed, and only one host-slave.xml file is needed.

While here, I have changed the structure since I was never happy with

it, it made it hard to add tests for new versions. This new structure is

clearer to me anyway.

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ExtensionContext.registerSubsystem(String, ModelVersion) now that WFCORE-531 is in core

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Use non deprecated versions of API to simplify service building

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[WFLY-3932] Remove the security manager service, not needed since wildfly-security-manager 1.1.0.Final

Merge pull request #6227 from ramsrib/master

[WFLY-2921] Update the test case to include unresolved address scenario

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Merge pull request #6190 from ctomc/mem-leak

Small memory/easier gc related fixes

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Introduce AttributeParser and utilize it to fix legacy default shipped configs

- introduce smart defaults for IO subsystem

- introduce IO & Undertow 1.1 schema

- fix shipped configs

- WFLY-3028 It should be possible to initialize Filters on deployment rather than on first use

- introduce allow-equals-in-cookie-value listener option

- add tests to test legacy shipped configs with current shipped for IO & undertow

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[WFLY-2864] WildFly Security Manager

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WFLY-1901 Add ability to specify module on permission sets

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Changed security manager subsystem to use PersistentResourceXMLDescription

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Move to external WildFly security manager project

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Move to the privileged methods on WildFlySecurityManager

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WFLY-401 Add the security manager subsystem

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Add privileged utility methods for the most common privileged actions which avoids the need to use expensive doPrivileged and checkPermission calls

Prevent spurious creation of permission objects in many cases when security manager checking is disabled

Minor cleanup