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Merge pull request #9144 from tremes/WFLY-2387-bm-test

WFLY-2387 test beanManager usage in entity listener callbacks.

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Merge pull request #9263 from gastaldi/patch-2

WFLY-7291: InfinispanCacheDeploymentListener fix

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[WFLY-8316] Make SecurityDomainContextRealm apply role mappers defined in the legacy security domain when creating the AuthorizationIdentity.

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WFLY-8941 Fix model versions for all subsystems so transformers can be properly written

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[WFLY-7764] - Adding initialize-jacc attribute to legacy subsystem.

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[WFLY-5599] Export Elytron compatible keystores/keymanagers from JSSE legacy domains

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[WFLY-5599] Elytron integration as a resource

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Merge branch 'WFLY-5753' into elytron_integration

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[WFLY-5753] Update the security subsystem schema and model version to 3.0.0.

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Turn export-elytron-realm into a String attribute. - This now allows for the specification of the name of the exported elytron realm instead of using the security domain name. - The security domain add/remove handlers were changed to correctly register/deregister the realm capability using the exported name. - The transformers have been changed to reject the attribute when it has been defined.

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Make SecurityDomainAdd export an Elytron realm that uses the legacy security domain context for authentication. - Realm is exported as a capability if the export-elytron-realm attribute is set to true in the security domain configuration. - Handlers used by the domain sub resources have been updated to remove the security realm service before reloading the services. - Transformer has been added to reject the new attribute if it is set to true and discard it if set to false. - Requires PicketBox upgrade in wildfly-core (to version 5.0.0.Alpha1 or later)

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add XML validation for security-manager subsystem

+ move security-manager XML schema to the security-manager module

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add XML validation for security subsystem

+ fix security 1.2 schema to comply with the XML produced by the subsystem

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Add Wildfly build plugin and change build to use this instead of ant scripts

This also introduces the wildfly core module that is used as part of the core build

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