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WFLY-12539 Do not auto-update legacy JGroup protocols in domain controller

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Replace redundant StringBuilder append String.subString with append CharSequence

This removes an intermediate String construction during append

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[WFLY-11711] Prepare HostExcludesTestCase for the following product host exclusion

Add new org.wildfly.extension.clustering.web extension to host-excludes.

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Add new org.wildfly.extension.clustering.web extension to host-excludes.

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[WFLY-11052]: Set journal-pool-files default value to 10

* setting the new default value

* removing hard coded configuration to the default value

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[WFLY-10976] In our standard config files use value of '10' for 'journal-pool-files'.

We don't use the default value of -1 as that causes Artemis to log a WARN.

We don't change the default value as that's an API change. (We might consider that for future releases.)

We use '10' because that's the value that Artemis put in their broker.xml as part of the ARTEMIS-1628 change[1] that introduced the WARN. I put no further thought into the value than that.


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[WFLY-10902] Mixed domain test for WildFly 14

The mixed domain tests targets EAP 7.2.0 and uses WildFly 14 as a

placeholder in the mean time to test mixed domain.

The AsVersion.EAP_7_2_0_TEMP is a placeholder for the EAP_7_2_0 when

EAP 7.2.0 is released. In the mean time, it references WildFly

14.0.0.Final (and its management version 8.0).

Once EAP 7.2.0 is released, the mixed domain will have to be updated

according to, including:

* replace EAP_7_2_0_TEMP by EAP_7_2_0(EAP, 7, 2, 0)

* add eap-7-2-0.xml to testsuite/integration/manualmode/src/test/resources/legacy-configs/domain/


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[WFLY-10438] Create a domain testsuite test for a missing host-exclude

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[WFCORE-3868] The test case schedules an instance of task ReSchedulingTask. Each instance of ReSchedulingTask sleeps for 10 seconds and then re-schedules another instance of its own class. After the CLI command /host=master/server-config=server-one:stop() is invoked the server should stop.

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WFLY-7618: fix code not to use default platform dependant encoding

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WFLY-9601 upgrade version of checkstyle to latest

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[WFLY-9596] Change the journal type to NIO.

WFLY-7298 use slim build in testsuite

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Use read-only configs in ExpressionSupportSmokeTestCase to save thousands of config copies

WFLY-9325 - Improved way of extracting legacy server zips

- remove unneeded bin/ and docs/ folder copying

- remove unnecessary deps in mixed domain testsuite

- minimize jms journal size

- split enable-elytron to standalone and domain versions

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Revert "Fix for WFLY-8990. Add unit tests for CLI completion"

Fix for WFLY-8990. Add unit tests for CLI completion

[WFLY-8853] test ccm read-only & runtime-only operations registered against domain profile resource

WFLY-3854 jdk9 testsuite work

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WFLY-8723 move elytron tests to core

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Upgrade WildFly Core to 3.0.0.Beta16 Ignore known test problems

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Change FD reference to FD_ALL.

[WFLY-8522] Slave host connecting to master

- uses AuthenticationContext, DIGEST-MD5 and PLAIN mechanisms

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[WFCORE-2229]: Adding test to cover redeploy-links * Adding mixed domain tests to cover the new redeploy-affected deployments for overlays * Updating existing tests

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[WFLY-8084] Skip attributes where the required attributes are also undefined with no default value.

WFLY-8055 Upgrade h2 to 1.4.193 from 1.3.176

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Don't use deprecated api, close client after test

WFLY-7298 Testsuite IO ops housekeeping

- don't always log deployments

- remove full tree read that is not used

- replace system.out --> log.trace

- replace --> log.trace

- make all test code use jboss logging instead of 3 diffrent log frameworks

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WFLY-6901 - enable checkstyle for domain and mixed-domain testsuite

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