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[WFLY-11124] Reduce the dependencies used in the test suite. Instead of relying on all server dependencies, be explicit with the dependencies required. Some dependencies are still a bit too tightly coupled to the server however there could be a reason for this beyond my knowledge of the test.

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Tests must not leave server in reload-required state.

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WFLY-7298 Testsuite IO ops housekeeping

- don't always log deployments

- remove full tree read that is not used

- replace system.out --> log.trace

- replace --> log.trace

- make all test code use jboss logging instead of 3 diffrent log frameworks

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[WFLY-6409]: Update default domain configuration to use remote+http

Updating default domain configurations.

Removing usage of deprecated http-remotting

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Reduce testsuite system.out messages.

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Integration tests for entity beans pool leakage on exceptions

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Add allow-resource-service-restart headers to remove ops

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WFLY-3007 : All calls to InetAddress.getHostName() are wrapped in NetworkUtils to canonize IPv6 addresses.

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Revert "Revert "Initial HTTP Upgrade support for remoting naming and EJB invocations""

This reverts commit 8fedd0f07ee2bfe8fd526e09daa84e62e0b036ce.

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Revert "Initial HTTP Upgrade support for remoting naming and EJB invocations"

This reverts commit e44b2ae0f1354eb82766f15b0ae06906b00ae0b4.

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Initial HTTP Upgrade support for remoting naming and EJB invocations

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[AS7-4301] Do String.toUpperCase(Locale) and tring.toLowerCase(Locale) everywhere else in the AS code base

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AS7-4386 Add the option to configure a default distinct name for remote EJB's

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Change more tests not to use hard coded localhost

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[AS7-3669] Associate a realm with the outbound connection to use for authentication.

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AS7-3330 Support for setting pass-by-reference semantics for remote interface invocations on EJBs at subsystem level along with a testcase for pass-by-reference semantics configuration on EJB subsystem

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AS7-3296 - fix inconsistent handling of properties

Code was changed so that now whole subsystem uses submodel for properties

Accoring to same principal xml configuration has been unified not sure if

this breaks old configuration but as this only shows up in version 1.1

that is only present in AS7.1 it should not be a problem

There is also fix for AS7-2717 which enables some tests again

- properties can be passed with or without classname

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Now that SSL is no longer globally enabled we need to 'optionally' enable it from the client.

Also in the util need to call .get(propertyName).set(value) instead of .set(propertyName, value) to ensure all properties are passed in.

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Testcase for pool annotation and deployment descriptor processing

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Get rid of group- prefix for child modules

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