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[WFLY-10633] Update test suite to use certificate generation utilities

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WFLY-10084 Add support for the proxy protocol

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WFLY-7867 Update org.apache.httpcomponents* to latest

- get rid of bunch of deprecated usages of http client

- prepare build for upcoming wildfly-core change

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WFLY-7298 Testsuite IO ops housekeeping

- don't always log deployments

- remove full tree read that is not used

- replace system.out --> log.trace

- replace --> log.trace

- make all test code use jboss logging instead of 3 diffrent log frameworks

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Remove test that belongs in core

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WFLY-3639 default-web-module doesn't work for non default hosts & servers

- improve deployment message to include server on which it was deployed to

- add test to verify default-web-module works for all possible scenarios

- server addition doesn't require reload anymore

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WFLY-4786 Clustering integration tests fails once -Dnode0 and -Dnode1 are used * Use Autoclosable http client and try-with-resources * Rename HttpClientUtils to TestHttpClientUtils to avoid unnecesasry namespace collisions * Multiple cleanups

  1. … 33 more files in changeset. move as many as possible of the cli tests from wildfly to wildfly-core

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Spelling fixes

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WFLY-1894 Can't define default-web-module in undertow

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WFLY-1554 Cleanup the

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WFLY-1554 - Fix for intermittent DeploymentScannerTestCase

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Consolidate keystores

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@Ignore https connector test

Upgrade undertow and xnio

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Initial Undertow integration with AS

* webservices subsystem does not compile

* make arq work again

* fix resolving socket binding

* fix default configs

* only use client api

* fix import dependancies

* change tests to look for subsystem=undertow instead of subsystem=web

* fix managed domain

* proper xsd

* improve xsd and use proper schemas

* upgrade to servlet spec 3.1

* fix root context test

* fix default config

* Rename io.undertow module to io.undertow.core

* enable file welcome content

* fix bad tests

* Fix also https testcase

* Fix TransportGuaranteeTestCase

* Update default config

* fix marshalling testcase

* @Ignore for stuff that we know that it does not work

* initial merge of undertow subsystem from undertow-io/undertow-subsystem

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Add remove step handler for the common case of removing a single service

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Pull out native container testing code. It can not be cleaned up once enabled, so it should be a separate test in a separate VM

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Pull out native container testing code. It can not be cleaned up once enabled, so it should be a separate test in a separate VM

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Hopefully make test more stable

Hopefully make test more stable

change the key alias from tomcat to jboss.

Minor clean up to some management tests

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AS7-3309 reversal of new paths for EAP

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AS7-3850 - convert web subsystem to RD & AD

- AS7-3309 - unify path element usage

- JBAPP-8216 - ssl does not work in domain mode

- additional cleanup and make sure defaults are right

- code review code review + test fix

- parser cleanup

- Changed defaults and how things are parsed

- AS7-3309 - added alias to old ssl config path

- Prototype resource aliasing support

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Change the way the management tests are setup

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Remove a hardcoded management urls

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Fix intermittent failures in ConnectorTestCase

spelling and typos

spelling and typos

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Clean up socket binding following failed check of native