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[WFLY-13771]: Adding messaging layers and some testing

* Simplifying remote broker testing

* Defining 3 layers for messaging :

- messaging-activemq

- remote-activemq

- embedded-activemq (for tests only).

* Adding support to start / stop remote broker


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JBEAP-8666 Fix tests to work with proper undertow model validation

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[WFLY-8928] Allow local transactions for JMS RA session

By default, a JMS session created from a RA does not allow local

transactions (as specified by the JMS 2.0 API).

However, for legacy compatibility, this behaviour can be changed by

setting the allow-local-transactions attribute to true on the

pooled-connection-factory resource.

During migration of the legacy messaging subsystem, this attribute

is set to true to preserve the behaviour of HornetQ RA that was

allowing local transactions.


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