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[WFLY-11876]: Upgrade Artemis to 2.8.0

* updating to Apache Artemis 2.8.0

* taking new artemis native packaging into account


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[WFLY-11876]: Upgrade Artemis to 2.8.0

* updating to Apache Artemis 2.8.0

* taking new artemis native packaging into account


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[WFLY-11124] Reduce the dependencies used in the test suite. Instead of relying on all server dependencies, be explicit with the dependencies required. Some dependencies are still a bit too tightly coupled to the server however there could be a reason for this beyond my knowledge of the test.

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[WFLY-10941] System.out cleanup - vdx, basic (jms), clustering

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[WFLY-8833] JMS ObjectMessage deserialization

Remove @Ignore that prevented test to run

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[WFLY-8833] JMS ObjectMessage deserialization

add test for black listing deserialization on regular JMS connection



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[WFLY-8833] JMS ObjectMessage deserialization

add deserialization-white-list (resp. deserialization-black-list)

attribute to the connection-factory and pooled-connection-factory

resources to explicitly allow (resp. disallow) deserialization of Java

classes when a JMS ObjectMessage is consumed.

By default, both lists are empty and no check is performed when a JMS

ObjectMessage is consumed.


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[WFLY-8567] Enable test previously disabled in Elytron test run.

[WFLY-9407] Upgrade Artemis 2.6.3.jbossorg-001

* remove JMS-based management API and replace it with Core management


* fix jms-queue & jms-topic :remove operations that must both use the

JMSServerManager to create and destroy the JMS resources

* remove (unused) bindings from JMS<Queue|Topic>Service

* flag properties removed from Artemis 2 as deprecated attributes

* support legacy prefix from import-journal operation



[WFLY-10165] fix jdbc-network-timeout default value

Default value of jdbc-network-timeout is 20 seconds.



[WFLY-10207] remove journal-jdbc-lock-acquisition-timeout



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[WFLY-8257] ignore tests failing in Elytron AS TS profile

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update tests that were using HornetQ API to Artemis

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[WFLY-4584] new messaging-activemq subsystem

* add Maven GAVs for ActiveMQ Artemis artifacts

* add new messaging-activemq subsystem based on the legacy messaging

subsystem and using Artemis code instead of HornetQ

* update test to use urn:jboss:domain:messaging-activemq:1.0 namespace

* add ActiveMQ Artemis client artifacts to jms client

* add org.jboss.activemq.artemis.integration:activemq-wildfly-integration artifact

* use service extension to bind with Artemis's transaction manager locator and recovery manager

* add (core) queues addition/removal to JMSOperations


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[WFLY-2730] HTTP upgrade multiplexing

When the HTTP upgrade handshake is performed, check whether

the http-upgrade-endpoint is defined and accepts the handshake

only if its value matches the acceptorName.

This http-upgrade-endpoint header is used by a http-connector to

specify which http-acceptor must be used in case there are multiple

http-acceptors registered on the server.

If the http-upgrade-endpoint header is not present, the 1st http-acceptor

encountered will be used. This is not deterministic and is suitable only

if there is a single http-acceptor.

* remove native messaging port for messaging subsystem.xml configuration

and use http-connector for JMS RemoteConnectionFactory

* add a http-connector-throughput to replace the corresponding



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[WFLY-2083] Upgrade to HornetQ 2.4.0.Beta2

With 2.4.0.Beta2, HornetQ loads its supported protocols (other than its

CORE protocol) using a ServiceLoader.

STOMP and AMQP protocols implementation have been moved to their own


Add modules org.hornetq.protocol.stomp & org.hornet.protocol.amqp.

Import them by default in org.hornetq module dependencies.

To disable a protocol, remove it from the org.hornetq module


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upgrade HornetQ to 2.3.0.CR2 -

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replace usages of deprecated junit.framework.*

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[AS7-6017] upgrade to HornetQ 2.3.0.BETA2

* HornetQ 2.3.0.BETA2 moved all its constants from ConfigurationImpl

to HornetQDefaultConfiguration

* add HornetQ 2.2.16.Final artifacts to test AS7 7.1.2 resource


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[AS7-5683] upgrade to HornetQ 2.3.0.BETA1

* upgrade to HornetQ to 2.3.0.BETA1

* upgrade Netty to 3.4.5.Final (with a io.netty groupId)

=> this was also upgraded in web subsystem

* leave Netty 3.2.6.Final (groupId=org.jboss.netty) which is required

by components in the test suite

Messaging management model changes:

* add backup-group-name, replication-clustername and

check-for-live-server attributes to hornetq-server

* deprecate live-connector-ref & clustered attribute for hornetq-server

* add call-failover-timeout attribute to connection factories and cluster connection

* add jgroups-stack & jgroups-channel to broadcast-group and

discovery-group as an alternative to socket-bindings. This allows to

leverage JGroups to form a cluster of HornetQ nodes [HORNETQ-1033]

* update SecurityTestCase to use new HornetQ Exception types

* refactor messaging subsystem parser to use handlers for later versions

instead of copy/paste the code between each versions

* remove HornetQ logger factory

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[AS7-3641] - Lock down HornetQ default cluster user

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[AS7-3150] Security integration for HornetQ

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