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Merge pull request #12315 from tmiyargi/WFLY-12125

[WFLY-12125] Integration test for PLINK-793

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WFLY-12752 RankedAffinityTestCase fails on OpenJ9

Ensure ManagementClient is closed.

Replace usage of PassiveServiceSupplier in clustering testsuite.

Remove use of deprecated ServiceSupplier for singleton service installation.

[WFLY-12613] Exclude IBM J9 JVM from Byteman-based test cases

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[WFLY-12560 Convert code to use the ServerReload methods that take ManagementClient. Deprecate the ModelControllerClient variants. Improve ServerReload javadoc.

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Reproducer for WFLY-12477

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Merge pull request #11921 from MMarus/EAP7-1100

[WFCORE-4227] Add documentation about the ability of the CLI SSL securi…

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Reproducer for WFLY-6008

Merge branch 'master' into wfcore-2252

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Merge pull request #11827 from yersan/subtask-WFLY-5966/WFLY-11318

[WFLY-11318] Validate requirement for modules previously exported by javax.ejb.api on

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WFLY-12144 Add integration test for ranked affinity/routing

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Enable near-cache for hotrod session manager tests.

Merge pull request #12320 from tmiyargi/WFLY-12101

[WFLY-12101] Test for EJBCLIENT-335, display host:port on connecting to server error

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WFLY-12165 Expose management metrics and runtime operations for HotRod cache managers and caches

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Added Second Level Cache Tests (WFLY-12310)

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Tests to validate passivate/activation events.

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Reproducer for WFLY-12266

Reproducer for WFLY-12266

[WFLY-12194] adding testcase for transaction affinity for SLSB

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Configure HotRod session manager tests with max-active-sessions.

Restore ignored web persistence tests and remove workarounds for ISPN-10029

Workaround for WFLY-12128

WFLY-12127 ClientClusterNodeSelectorTestCase leaks CustomClusterNodeSelector to other tests; cleanup

WFLY-12212 Byteman-based test case for checking last node to leave condition.

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Cleanup persistence test setup.

Add replicated and remote elytron SSO tests.

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Add tests validating immutable session attribute behavior.

Fix interrupt handling.