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Merge pull request #11921 from MMarus/EAP7-1100

[WFCORE-4227] Add documentation about the ability of the CLI SSL securi…

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Reproducer for WFLY-6008

Merge branch 'master' into wfcore-2252

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Merge pull request #11827 from yersan/subtask-WFLY-5966/WFLY-11318

[WFLY-11318] Validate requirement for modules previously exported by javax.ejb.api on

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WFLY-12144 Add integration test for ranked affinity/routing

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Enable near-cache for hotrod session manager tests.

Merge pull request #12320 from tmiyargi/WFLY-12101

[WFLY-12101] Test for EJBCLIENT-335, display host:port on connecting to server error

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WFLY-12165 Expose management metrics and runtime operations for HotRod cache managers and caches

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Added Second Level Cache Tests (WFLY-12310)

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Tests to validate passivate/activation events.

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Reproducer for WFLY-12266

Reproducer for WFLY-12266

[WFLY-12194] adding testcase for transaction affinity for SLSB

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Configure HotRod session manager tests with max-active-sessions.

Restore ignored web persistence tests and remove workarounds for ISPN-10029

Workaround for WFLY-12128

WFLY-12127 ClientClusterNodeSelectorTestCase leaks CustomClusterNodeSelector to other tests; cleanup

WFLY-12212 Byteman-based test case for checking last node to leave condition.

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Cleanup persistence test setup.

Add replicated and remote elytron SSO tests.

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Add tests validating immutable session attribute behavior.

Fix interrupt handling.

Add integration test for group listener facility.

Add integration test for group listener facility.

Modify test to validate existence of runtime resource of deployment cache

Update links for *EJBForwardingTestCase

Update links for *EJBForwardingTestCase

WFLY-9951 Remotable exception caused by non-remotable Infinispan CacheException cannot be sent to the client

Original Jira summary: EJBException: Failed to read session create response during the stress test

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WFLY-11948 @Ignore until ISPN-10029 is fixed.

[WFLY-11944] Some clustering test cases do not close JNDI context between tests.