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[WFLY-12514] Switch ServerReload.reloadIfRequired(ModelControllerClient) calls to ServerReload.reloadIfRequired(ManagementClient) where possible

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Merge pull request #11921 from MMarus/EAP7-1100

[WFCORE-4227] Add documentation about the ability of the CLI SSL securi…

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[WFLY-12447] Removing generated keystore files from source control

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Merge pull request #11827 from yersan/subtask-WFLY-5966/WFLY-11318

[WFLY-11318] Validate requirement for modules previously exported by javax.ejb.api on

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[WFLY-12219] Disabling SSL failing tests for now on JDK14+

[WFLY-11293]: Add attribute to model which will indicate that backup is synchronized with live server.

* adding a `synchronized-with-live` attribute on `/subsystem=messaging-activemq/server=default/ha-policy=replication-slave`

* adding a `synchronized-with-backup` attribute on `/subsystem=messaging-activemq/server=default/ha-policy=replication-master`


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[WFLY-5286]: Provide CLI operation which returns used journal type - NIOxASYNCIO

Adding a new runtime-journal-type attribute to define the effective

journal type being used.


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[WFLY-12219] Disabling SSL failing tests for now on JDK13+

[WFLY-12172] Add ejb-xa-recovery file permissions for EJB client tests.

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[WFLY-11699] Test EAP 7.2.0 configs

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[WFLY-11124] Reduce the dependencies used in the test suite. Instead of relying on all server dependencies, be explicit with the dependencies required. Some dependencies are still a bit too tightly coupled to the server however there could be a reason for this beyond my knowledge of the test.

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[WFLY-10902] Mixed domain test for WildFly 14

The mixed domain tests targets EAP 7.2.0 and uses WildFly 14 as a

placeholder in the mean time to test mixed domain.

The AsVersion.EAP_7_2_0_TEMP is a placeholder for the EAP_7_2_0 when

EAP 7.2.0 is released. In the mean time, it references WildFly

14.0.0.Final (and its management version 8.0).

Once EAP 7.2.0 is released, the mixed domain will have to be updated

according to, including:

* replace EAP_7_2_0_TEMP by EAP_7_2_0(EAP, 7, 2, 0)

* add eap-7-2-0.xml to testsuite/integration/manualmode/src/test/resources/legacy-configs/domain/


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WFLY-9802: Minimize WildFly-specific stuff in welcome-content

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[WFLY-10951] allowing a SSLException with SocketException cause

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[WFLY-10951] allowing a SSLException with SocketException cause

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[WFLY-10914] Adding backward compatible option -Dcom.sun.jndi.ldap.object.disableEndpointIdentification

For LDAPS connections host verification check was added by default.


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WFLY-9955 - add test

[WFLY-9978] Test configures legacy security domain and resource adapter and tries to start sever several times and checks it does not fail during the startup.

[WFLY-10811] Removing unnecessary --illegal-access & --add-exports from host configs.

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WFLY-7618: fix code not to use default platform dependant encoding

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[WFLY-10614] Update the test setup script to reference a security-domain instead of a http-authentication-factory.

[WFLY-10633] Update test suite to use certificate generation utilities

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WFLY-10419 Use server snapshots to restore test state

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Merge pull request #10541 from treblereel/WFLY-9386

[WFLY-9386] Several tests need FilePermission for standalone/tmp/auth…

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[WFLY-9778] generate necessary test module in test suite server image

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WFLY-10008 Restore original reload time for DwmTestCase

WFLY-10008 increase reload time on DwmTestCase

For some reason one of the caches is taking 60s to start,

which results in the reload op failing. This is just a workaround

till the root cause can be determined

[WFLY-9967] Deletes directory recursively.

[WFLY-9910] CustomUndertowFilterTestCase fails to reload server if node0!=localhost

Revert "WFLY-8207, WFLY-6973 JGroups 4.0.x, Infinispan 9.1.x upgrade"

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