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Merge pull request #13348 from istudens/WFLY-12171

[WFLY-12171] toss the ejb-xa-recovery file permissions out of ejb client tests

[WFLY-13567] Do not run the MPScriptTestCase if the example configuration file does not exist. This can happen when the system property is passed.

[WFLY-12171] toss the ejb-xa-recovery file permissions out of ejb client tests

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Fix tests to properly associate new remoting connector with ejb subsystem.

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[WFLY-13516] adding transaction crash recovery testcase where ejb remoting runs recovery with crashed prepared first server

[WFLY-13489] Reduce some debug logging from tests. Change some tests that log info messages to debug. Clean up the test logging configuration files.

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[WFLY-13298] Set up mixed domain testing against EAP 7.3

[WFLY-13298] Add legacy configuration files for parse and marshal model tests

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Revert "[WFLY-12172] Add ejb-xa-recovery file permissions for EJB client tests."

This reverts commit 9987e3152fa4ecfa1bd093e322012f4da14384e0.

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Fix for WFLY-13129, Example CLI script to evolve standalone configurations with microprofile

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[WFLY-13073] LayeredDistributionTestCase should not discard content from an existing layers.conf

WFLY-12900 Clustering TS: Default to non-multicast discovery protocol

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[WFLY-12661] Add tests for making use of the IP address of a remote client for authorization decisions

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[WFLY-12560] Remove uses of ServerReload from WildFly Core in favor of using full's variant

In most cases this was to address the WFLY-12560 issue by passing in the arquillian ManagementClient, which the core ServerReload can't use.

There were a couple other classes where the use of the core class was ok but a tiny bit more complicated than needed, and those were the only remaining uses of the class in full WildFly, so I chose to just use full WildFly's ServerReload and get all of full's code using one class.

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WFLY-6143 Add interceptor module substitution test case, move interceptor setup task to testsuit shared module

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[WFLY-12560 Convert code to use the ServerReload methods that take ManagementClient. Deprecate the ModelControllerClient variants. Improve ServerReload javadoc.

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[WFLY-12514] Switch ServerReload.reloadIfRequired(ModelControllerClient) calls to ServerReload.reloadIfRequired(ManagementClient) where possible

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[WFLY-12496] Use correct address for node1 in integration tests

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[WFLY-12304]: Upgrade Apache Artemis from 2.8.1 to 2.10.1

* Updating artemis version

* Adding new dependency on jctools-core

* Adding a pure netty failover test


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Merge pull request #11921 from MMarus/EAP7-1100

[WFCORE-4227] Add documentation about the ability of the CLI SSL securi…

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[WFLY-12447] Removing generated keystore files from source control

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[WFLY-12402] Clean up test deployment use of management classes and thereby increase number of tests that can run in the ts.layers profile with Galleon slimmed servers

1) Eliminate no-longer needed dependencies on the module, which typically is not provisioned in ts.layers provisioning.

2) General cleanup of tests that used this or ones near those (primarily jca/ra/ds related tests) to better clarify between code that needs 'management' functionality and code that does not.

a) Deployments usually do not, particularly those in @RunAsClient tests. So remove the management code from the deployments as much as possible.

b) However, if the test class goes in the deployment and a @ServerSetup is on that class, the ServerSetupTask impl class and its superclasses must be present, even though they are not executed on the server side. Server side code processing the deployment will try and examine them. Other classes used in the setup tasks do not need to be in the deployment though, as the setup task executes on the test driver side.

c) A number of tests were subclassing AbstractMgmtTestBase directly or transitively but were not using any of its functionality, instead relying on a ServerSetupTask for such things. In such cases the test class was changed to no longer subclass unnecessarily.

3) Following from this a large number of tests that previously could not run in the ts.layers profile now can, so they have been enabled.

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[WFLY-1160] Provide ability to easily apply certain JBoss module libraries to all deployments running in a server

[WFLY-1160] Added basic global-directory test case

[WFLY-1160] Improve error message when there is already a global-directory defined and a new one is created

[WFLY-1160] Change name of basic test case

[WFLY-1160] Minor variable rename

[WFLY-1160] Code changes due to WFCORE-4597

[WFLY-1160] Test properties files in sub directories

[WFLY-1160] Use system dependency and do not export it

Fix checkstyle

[WFLY-1160] Move basic test to manual mode test suite

[WFLY-1160] Community docs

Refine community docs

[WFLY-1160] Adapt issue to the latest wildfly-core changes

[WFLY-1160] QE Test cases for Global directories in standalone and domain mode

[WFLY-1160] Tests fix

[WFLY-1160] Fix indent issues, rearrange imports, use TimeoutUtil for timeouts

[WFLY-1160] Await for servers to start instead of sleep the current Thread

[WFLY-1160] Add missing permissions to the test suite

[WFLY-1160] Use try catch to ensure depoyments are removed in case of errors

[WFLY-1160] Fix BeforeShutdownJNDILookupTestCase cleaning its deployment once the test is done

[WFLY-1160] Apply pull request review notes

[WFLY-1160] Tests fix

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Merge pull request #11827 from yersan/subtask-WFLY-5966/WFLY-11318

[WFLY-11318] Validate requirement for modules previously exported by javax.ejb.api on

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[WFLY-12219] Disabling SSL failing tests for now on JDK14+

[WFLY-11293]: Add attribute to model which will indicate that backup is synchronized with live server.

* adding a `synchronized-with-live` attribute on `/subsystem=messaging-activemq/server=default/ha-policy=replication-slave`

* adding a `synchronized-with-backup` attribute on `/subsystem=messaging-activemq/server=default/ha-policy=replication-master`


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[WFLY-5286]: Provide CLI operation which returns used journal type - NIOxASYNCIO

Adding a new runtime-journal-type attribute to define the effective

journal type being used.


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[WFLY-12219] Disabling SSL failing tests for now on JDK13+

[WFLY-12172] Add ejb-xa-recovery file permissions for EJB client tests.

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[WFLY-11699] Test EAP 7.2.0 configs

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[WFLY-11124] Reduce the dependencies used in the test suite. Instead of relying on all server dependencies, be explicit with the dependencies required. Some dependencies are still a bit too tightly coupled to the server however there could be a reason for this beyond my knowledge of the test.

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