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[WFLY-3997] Introduce version 2.2 of the management schema and model version.

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remove patching testsuite as it is moved to core

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[WFLY-3048] Update the default configuration including tests so that group loading is switched off where the local authentication mechanism is used.

Note: Existing configs that would be loading group information for local authentication users will continue to load groups after their configuration is updated.

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[WFLY-2943] Add version 3 of the "urn:jboss:domain:x.x" schema.

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[WFLY-2903] Add version 2.1 of the domain management schema.

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Avoid some charset lookups

Background info:

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Convert test to http-remoting

[WFLY-2864] WildFly Patching module

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WFLY-2441 Arquillian Protocol default is now Servlet 3.0

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[WFLY-2373] initialize patching on slave hosts

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[WFLY-405] added two tests for bundle of patches



[WFLY-405] oneoff in bundle tests

commented bundle tests

[WFLY-405] added test for --rollback-to

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[WFLY-405] create marker to trigger a garbage collection check on restart

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[WFLY-405] keep history metdata for further use

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WFLY-2298 Redesign @Stateful EJB clustering

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[WFLY-490] Add informative messages to testsuite's asserts

[WFLY-490] use admin-only mode for the testsuite

[WFLY-405] fix the way we resolve product name and version in the tests [WFLY-405] make the tests work for EAP

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[WFLY-405] rewritten cumulative patch test

[WFLY-405] renamed constant

[WFLY-405] enhance runtime module path checking; fix tests for patches removing modules

[WFLY-405] one-off updates jboss-modules

[WFLY-405] make core-service=patching:show-history return all the history (instead of the current patching state), modified the history format to patch-id, type, applied-at, make CliUtilsForPatching.rollbackAll() actually rollback all the ever applied patches, introduced PatchingHistory abstraction with the possibility to iterate over the patching history, added ageout-history handler which deletes history past the last active cp

added history action to the cli patch command

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[WFLY-405] BasicOneOffPatchingScenariosTestCase - added attempt to apply invalid one off patch

[WFLY-405] check patching history in tests

[WFLY-405] little fixes; modules should always contain '.' as resource path

[WFLY-405] runtime module path tests

[WFLY-405] resolve conflict

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[WFLY-405] test updating jboss-module.jar; ignore some assertions to make the tests work on windows

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[WFLY-405] fixed cleanp after each test, skipped tests that are expected to fail