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[WFLY-2128] JMS one-port support

* add http-connector and http-acceptor resources to handle connections

from HTTP and upgrade to HornetQ protocol.

* use netty-xnio-transport to wrap the XNIO channel into a Netty channel

to hand it over to HornetQ server.

* component changes:

* add org.jboss.xnio.netty:netty-xnio-transport:0.1.0

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replace usages of deprecated junit.framework.*

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[AS7-203] MessagingClientTestCase fix

* the test was not checking whether a message was effectively consumed

=> set auto commit / auto ack to produce and consume as expected

* the core queue service was not removed properly because QueueRemove

was building a different service name that the one used to add the


* fix Messaging services that were prepending twice HornetQ service name

to their own names

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remove demo's and clean up smoke tests

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Change smoke tests to not be reliant on demo's

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