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WFLY-10606 Remove ee8.preview.mode support for Weld.

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[WFLY-10288] Include JSON-B 1.1 by default for Java EE 8.

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[WFLY-10288] Make JSON-P 1.1 the default JSON-P provider for Java EE 8. Removed support for JSON-P 1.0.

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[WFLY-10632] Upgrade RESTEasy to 3.6.0.Final [RESTEASY-1911] Adding mechanism for automatic jackson detection

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WFLY-10602 Remove ee8.preview.mode support for Undertow

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Merge pull request #10614 from JiriOndrusek/JBEAP-7503

[WFLY-9501] - Container is not cleaning up container-managed JMSContext

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Merge pull request #10541 from treblereel/WFLY-9386

[WFLY-9386] Several tests need FilePermission for standalone/tmp/auth…

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[WFLY-10028] Move XML validation test to dist

Running the XML and XSD validation test from dist module ensures that

the test validates the *actual* files shipped with WildFly before there

is any chance they are modified by another test in smoke (or web) test


To avoid having tests modifying anything from the distribution, all XML

and XSD files are copied in a separate directory that is used by the

test for validation.


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WFLY-9926 Add additional schema to the exclude list

[WFLY-9926] The JBoss Metadata data upgrade to 11.0.0.Final brought in a new schema version. This version needs to be updated in the schema test.

[WFLY-6456] Ensure that Servlet 4.0 is not included in EE7 mode.

WFLY-9768 Add smoke test verifying that CDI 2.0 cannot be used in EE 7. Fix CDI API bridge accordingly.

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[WFLY-7185] [WFLY-6460] [WFLY-6459] No JSON-B 1.0 / JSON-P 1.1 / JAX-RS 2.1 in default configuration

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[WFLY-9762] JMS message is not received when using a non-transactional JMSConnectionFactoryDefinition

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WFLY-9601 upgrade version of checkstyle to latest

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[WFLY-5351] allow to query cancelled persistent timer

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[WFLY-9340] Unignore MessagingClientTestCase.testMessagingClientUsingMessagingPort

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WFLY-9316 unignore EarDeploymentTestCase

WFLY-9315 unignore SarTestCase

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[WFLY-9304] Remove unused DOMImplementationRegistryTestCase

JBEAP-8666 Fix tests to work with proper undertow model validation

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[WFLY-8325] Don't allow expressions in authentication-context refs; set up capability references where possible

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WFLY-8055 Upgrade h2 to 1.4.193 from 1.3.176

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Configure Elytron resources for resource adapter test.

[WFLY-6391] Add smoke tests for elytron security attributes configuration

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[WFLY-6400] Add smoke tests for elytron security attributes configuration

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[WFLY-7870] Remove standalone-elytron.xml from the StandardConfigsXMLValidationUnitTestCase as it no longer exists.

Add a test for the standalone-elytron.xml generated configuration file.

[WFLY-7221] Module slot for jms-bridge

In JMSBridgeTest, set module attribute to

org.apache.activemq.artemis:main to check that the module slot is taken

into account when loading the module that contains the classes required

for the JMS providers.


[WFLY-7461] Reenable JMS tests with security manager

After Artems 1.5.0 upgrade, reenabled JMS tests that were failing when

running with a security manager.