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WFLY-5035 Switch JMS tests to use TCP stack; remove redundant profile copying

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WFLY-4999 XSiteBackupForTestCase tests fail on Windows with IPv6

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[WFLY-4593] Model-only representation for messaging subsystem

* removed tests (and their configuration) that were using the messaging

subsystem runtime


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[WFLY-4585] Provide JMS forward compatibility

* add support for JMS forward compatibility so that legacy JMS clients

(with HornetQ client libraries) can lookup HornetQ-based JMS resources

from JNDI and connect to the Artemis server using its HORNETQ


* for JMS destinations (jms-queue and jms-topic), a new attribute

legacy-entries can be used to bind the HornetQ-based destinations to


* for connection factories, a new resource (legacy-connection-factory)

has been added. It is different from the connection-factory resource

used by Artemis client.

* add org.hornetq.client module. The messaging-activemq subsystem depends

on it to create HornetQ managed resources for forward interoperability.

* add test for legacy (HornetQ) clients connecting to resources managed

by the messaging-activemq subystem


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[WFLY-4587] Messaging migrate management operation

add :migrate operation to legacy messaging subsystem


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Minor logging fix

[WFLY-4853] Two clusters test case: a failover test involving two clusters and invocation forwarding.

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[WFLY-3943] Clustered messaging tests with JGroups

* use jgroups stack and channel for the messaging's HA configuration

* add tests for clustered queues and topics where the cluster is formed

using a JGroups channel (from the standalone-full-ha.xml configuration)


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[WFLY-4584] new messaging-activemq subsystem

* add Maven GAVs for ActiveMQ Artemis artifacts

* add new messaging-activemq subsystem based on the legacy messaging

subsystem and using Artemis code instead of HornetQ

* update test to use urn:jboss:domain:messaging-activemq:1.0 namespace

* add ActiveMQ Artemis client artifacts to jms client

* add org.jboss.activemq.artemis.integration:activemq-wildfly-integration artifact

* use service extension to bind with Artemis's transaction manager locator and recovery manager

* add (core) queues addition/removal to JMSOperations


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WFLY-4110 - EJBClientClusterConfigurationTestCase fails on JDK1.8 once -Dnode0 and -Dnode1 are used

WFLY-3984 Multicast-based clustering testsuite does not work on JDK 8

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WFLY-3720 Run manual mode integration tests with ip_ttl=0

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[WFLY-3720] Run clustering tests with ip_ttl=0 (use -Dmcast.ttl= to override)

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WFLY-2772 Leverage JGroups FORK to consolidate EE channels

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Rename testsuite output directories to wildfly-*

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remove patching testsuite as it is moved to core

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[BZ1075971] Enabling picketlink tests to use different IP address than localhost. Conflicts: testsuite/integration/picketlink/pom.xml testsuite/integration/src/test/scripts/picketlink-build.xml

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Revert "Revert "Remove some deps leftovers & testsuite cleanup""

This reverts commit b05a7ff4d35cedc85d5ac82e611d44b5c7464f1e.

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Revert "Remove some deps leftovers & testsuite cleanup"

This reverts commit 005567fe438049426292e4ca270060eadd8c9b7b.

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WFLY-2159 Consolidate REPL and DIST cache configurations

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Fix clustering testsuite regression caused by The use of FILE_LOCK=NO in H2 causes database file corruption.

WFLY-2206 Don't copy the modules directory in the manualmode test suite

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Remove some deps leftovers & testsuite cleanup

- unify surefire configuration

- upgrade to newer surefire

- move most of surefire configuration to plugin definition section

- unify basic testsuite by removing full & web configs

- introduce -Phelp profile when you need to pring debug help for TS

- WFLY-2124 Revisit LDAP testing within the testsuite.

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[WFLY-456] Audit Logging - squashed the below commits since master has changed so much

[WFLY-456] Minor OperationContext impl cleanups

[WFLY-456] Bring in John Bailey's audit log classes

[WFLY-456] Add real audit loggers into the model controllers; integrate management handlers

[WFLY-456] Log the full set of information

[WFLY-456] Fix problems from rebase

[WFLY-456] Use SecurityContext when invoking JMX methods via remoting

[WFLY-456] Move core security classes into own module

[WFLY-456] Rework things and make the controller logger work

[WFLY-456] Include the access mechanism in the log, move some more classes to core-security

[WFLY-456] Make audit logger available to JMX

[WFLY-456] Pluggable MBeanServer delegate to audit logger, and loads of exception handling

[WFLY-456] Jmx audit log proxy

[WFLY-456] Separate the configuration for the core controller and jmx audit logs

[WFLY-456] Set the booting flag in the jmx layer

[WFLY-456] Integrate audit logging resource and ops into JMX extension so it can be configured there

[WFLY-456] Correct copyright notices in my new files

[WFLY-456] fix problems from rebase

[WFLY-456] Get rid of the original hashing implementation

[WFLY-456] Add missing originalResultTxControl from rebase

[WFLY-456] Add config for appenders

[WFLY-456] Basic file appender and json formatter. The output needs cleaning up and everything is currently hardcoded

[WFLY-456] Back up the previous log file. Basic syslog appender (awaiting the improved logmanager SyslogHandler)

[WFLY-456] Use the org.wildfly:wildfly-xxx names. Start configuring file appenders

[WFLY-456] Configure model for syslog appender

[WFLY-456] Log audit log records for ParallelBootOperationContext and ReadOnlyContext

[WFLY-456] Make whether to log on boot configurable

[WFLY-456] Be able to add/remove appender references at runtime and update the appenders at runtime

[WFLY-456] Add boot-log to jmx audit-log as well and update xsd's for both core and jmx

[WFLY-456] Make additive changes to appenders take effect right away, and delay changes/removals until the current audit record has been written

[WFLY-456] Add schema support and parsing for managed server path overrides, and clean up the handlers

[WFLY-456] Use 'handler' rather than 'appender'

[WFLY-456] Pass in audit log operations to managed servers on boot

[WFLY-456] Separate handler chains for host and managed server audit logs

[WFLY-456] i18n and get rid of code no longer needed

[WFLY-456] Fix problems from rebase, revisit security after moved WildFlySecurityManager

[WFLY-456] Flesh out the syslog handler, tried with UDP

[WFLY-456] Start testing the handlers and ops

[WFLY-456] Set up proper syslog host and app names

[WFLY-456] More tests

[WFLY-456] Complete renaming appender->handler. Really

[WFLY-456] Nicer separate configuration for JMX

[WFLY-456] Better testing for enabled and log-read-only audit log write attribute handlers

[WFLY-456] Separate handlers for JMX subsystem audit logging, and tests

[WFLY-456] Maintan a failure count per appender

[WFLY-456] Configure the json formatter and reference from the audit log handlers

Expose 'max-length' and 'truncate' for the syslog handler

[WFLY-456] Make audit logging work in admin-only mode

Fix bug not enabling the appender in domain mode

[WFLY-456] Fixes to tls syslog handler having tried it out against rsyslog

[WFLY-456] don't enable log by default

[WFLY-456] Test jmx audit log transformation

[WFLY-456] Test audit logging in testsuite

[WFLY-456] Move new i18n bits into domain-management, rather than using the ones from controller

[WFLY-456] Recycle handler operation, make max-failure-count configurable per handler, expose runtime attributes for handler failure counts

[WFLY-456] Use strings instead of byte[] for the formatters for now. We can revisit the byte[] part if more tamper detecting formatters are used in the future

[WFLY-456] Use platform independent line terminator

[WFLY-456] Changes to work with latest logmanager following a squash

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[WFLY-490] Set up some integration tests

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generate configuration files suitable for use inside the amazon EC2 compute cloud disable mcast for NAKACK protocol for more efficient processing; see add validation tests for the ec2 config files

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[WFLY-405] use a lighter standalone configuration for patching tests

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Revert "Revert "Initial HTTP Upgrade support for remoting naming and EJB invocations""

This reverts commit 8fedd0f07ee2bfe8fd526e09daa84e62e0b036ce.

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Revert "Initial HTTP Upgrade support for remoting naming and EJB invocations"

This reverts commit e44b2ae0f1354eb82766f15b0ae06906b00ae0b4.

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[WFLY-245] Add test case for xsite backupFor option to Infinispan subsystem.

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