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WFLY-8055 Upgrade h2 to 1.4.193 from 1.3.176

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[WFLY-8559] Added DWM test with multiple cases

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[WFLY-7514] XTS graceful shutdown

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Merge pull request #7786 from rachmatowicz/EJB2CLUSTERS

[WFLY-4853] A two cluster test case for EJBClient

WFLY-6602 Expose JGroups channels and channel factories as capabilities. Replace ServiceName factories with equivalent capability/requirement ServiceName factories.

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Revert "WFCORE-1347 - explicitly enable http trace method for clustering tests"

This reverts commit 2b8641b48fa7709f1f53686fb24871649fb2f65d.

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WFLY-6471 IIOP SSL integration tests: fix node configuration in iiop-ssl-client

[WFLY-6409]: Update default domain configuration to use remote+http

Updating default domain configurations.

Removing usage of deprecated http-remotting

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IIOP: Add IIOPSslInvocationTestCase integration test

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WFCORE-1347 - explicitly enable http trace method for clustering tests

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Merge pull request #7758 from TomasHofman/WFLY-4724

[WFLY-4724] Port SingletonTunnelTestCase from EAP6 to Wildfly

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[WFLY-5138] Don't use ARQ for ParseAndMarshalModelsTestCase, plus ModelParserUtils now wants 'target' param to mean location

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Re-enable WS-Security tests that were previously disabled. I believe the tests were transitively failing because of multiple reasons including: * WFLY-5067 * a low entropy issue with the CI environement (basically encryption engine init could take several minutes) * unclosed streams and different test endpoints deployed on the same address, possibly causing problems with http connections

Moreover I've applied few changes to isolate test CXF busses, explicitly set a dependency to the jbossws-cxf-client module on server side (reccomended approach) and finally moved the WS tests to a separate Maven module to simplify troubleshooting of future issues.

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Merge pull request #7848 from rhusar/WFLY-4999_xsite

WFLY-4999 XSiteBackupForTestCase tests fail on Windows with IPv6

WFLY-4918 Remove default-stack usage and make stack required/explicit per channel

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[WFLY-4724] Port SingletonTunnelTestCase from EAP6 to WildFly

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WFLY-5035 Switch JMS tests to use TCP stack; remove redundant profile copying

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WFLY-4999 XSiteBackupForTestCase tests fail on Windows with IPv6

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[WFLY-4593] Model-only representation for messaging subsystem

* removed tests (and their configuration) that were using the messaging

subsystem runtime


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[WFLY-4585] Provide JMS forward compatibility

* add support for JMS forward compatibility so that legacy JMS clients

(with HornetQ client libraries) can lookup HornetQ-based JMS resources

from JNDI and connect to the Artemis server using its HORNETQ


* for JMS destinations (jms-queue and jms-topic), a new attribute

legacy-entries can be used to bind the HornetQ-based destinations to


* for connection factories, a new resource (legacy-connection-factory)

has been added. It is different from the connection-factory resource

used by Artemis client.

* add org.hornetq.client module. The messaging-activemq subsystem depends

on it to create HornetQ managed resources for forward interoperability.

* add test for legacy (HornetQ) clients connecting to resources managed

by the messaging-activemq subystem


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[WFLY-4587] Messaging migrate management operation

add :migrate operation to legacy messaging subsystem


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Minor logging fix

[WFLY-4853] Two clusters test case: a failover test involving two clusters and invocation forwarding.

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[WFLY-3943] Clustered messaging tests with JGroups

* use jgroups stack and channel for the messaging's HA configuration

* add tests for clustered queues and topics where the cluster is formed

using a JGroups channel (from the standalone-full-ha.xml configuration)


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[WFLY-4584] new messaging-activemq subsystem

* add Maven GAVs for ActiveMQ Artemis artifacts

* add new messaging-activemq subsystem based on the legacy messaging

subsystem and using Artemis code instead of HornetQ

* update test to use urn:jboss:domain:messaging-activemq:1.0 namespace

* add ActiveMQ Artemis client artifacts to jms client

* add org.jboss.activemq.artemis.integration:activemq-wildfly-integration artifact

* use service extension to bind with Artemis's transaction manager locator and recovery manager

* add (core) queues addition/removal to JMSOperations


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WFLY-4110 - EJBClientClusterConfigurationTestCase fails on JDK1.8 once -Dnode0 and -Dnode1 are used

WFLY-3984 Multicast-based clustering testsuite does not work on JDK 8

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WFLY-3720 Run manual mode integration tests with ip_ttl=0

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[WFLY-3720] Run clustering tests with ip_ttl=0 (use -Dmcast.ttl= to override)

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WFLY-2772 Leverage JGroups FORK to consolidate EE channels

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