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[WFLY-12394] Use -Dts.layers to turn on slimmed installation tests in testsuite/integration/web

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[WFLY-12179] Update the AggregateRealmTestCase to use ConfigurableElement definitions.

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Remove redundant subString endindex .length() calls

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Merge pull request #11838 from mackaypeter/WFLY-9884

[WFLY-9884] Add test coverage for WeldResourceInjectionServices concurrency issues.

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[WFLY-11124] Reduce the dependencies used in the test suite. Instead of relying on all server dependencies, be explicit with the dependencies required. Some dependencies are still a bit too tightly coupled to the server however there could be a reason for this beyond my knowledge of the test.

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[WFLY-10939] tests if deployment with taglib-location pointing to jar fails during deployment.

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WFLY-9802: Minimize WildFly-specific stuff in welcome-content

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[WFLY-10957] Don't rely on English messages for web integration tests.

[WFLY-10921] Replace bogus umlns with xmlns

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WFLY-7618: fix code not to use default platform dependant encoding

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WFLY-10602 Remove ee8.preview.mode support for Undertow

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WFLY-10411 Adding META-INF/resources as root for TLD processing

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WFLY-10419 Use server snapshots to restore test state

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WFLY-10100 ServerManager is not used

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WFLY-10027 Provide metric attribute to see max number of concurrently active sessions for deployment

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WFLY-9724 Undertow does not allow UTF-8 characters in URLs

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Merge pull request #10381 from JiriOndrusek/WFLY-9155-optional-keystore-password

[WFLY-9155] - [Migration operation] [Web to Undertow] truststore - ke…

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make root context test more resiliant

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WFLY-9962 ReverseProxyTestCase fails when running after ForwardedHandlerTestCase

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WFLY-9906 SessionManagementTestCase fails intermittently

WFLY-9872 JspTagTestCase fails intermittently

[WFLY-9620] ServletResourceOverlaysTestCase improvements using ALLOW_ENCODED_SLASH

[WFLY-9810] update and extension of tests

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WFLY-9810 Add support for setting the default cookie version

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[WFLY-9781] created simple integration test for Forwarded handler.

Added negative tests for WFLY-9540.

Merge pull request #10318 from jstourac/minorFixInFeaturePackBinShell

[WFLY-9094] Minor changes in bin/ and bin/

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[WFLY-9620] Fix test case adding correct coverage for Windows OS

WFLY-6695 JspTagTestCase fails on Windows

WFLY-9620 Testcase to ensure that resources outside of a web application deployment, containing Java EE overlays, aren't served back to the client

[WFLY-9620] Minor tests improvements

[WFLY-9620] Improve the test code and add required permissions in order to be able to run it under sec manager

[WFLY-9620] Adding additional permissions for security manager