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Undertow basic test - added check for servlet response (user, user principal and auth type).

Update of Elytron security client-cert tests to work with Elytron

- and unneccessary files were removed

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Fix typo in test name in WebSecurityPasswordBasedBase abstract class

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Minor refactoring + comments narrowing

Update of Elytron security servlet3 tests to work with Elytron

- removed unneccessary files

- we expect 'Programatic' string as a auth method

Update of Elytron security transport guarantee tests to work with Elytron

- removed *.properties files as this info is now created directly via WebTestsSecurityDomainSetup

- removed localhost.keystore as it is now generated during the test

- code formatting and import optimizations too

WFLY-6384 ServletInjectionTestCase fails if @Ignore is removed

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Merge pull request #9944 from pferraro/singleton-workaround

Ignore singleton deployment tests until WFLY-8540 changes are merged.

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[WFLY-8539] update of 'integration/web/security' tests to work with Elytron

- First set of updates of 'integration/web/security' tests so they work with

Elytron based security when '-Delytron' property is specified.

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    • +98
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Undertow websocket test extended with negative test.

[WFLY-8508] Unignore FormAuthUnitTestCase and deployment overlay tests for Elytron profile

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[WFLY-8257] ignore tests failing in Elytron AS TS profile

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WFLY-7538 fix SocketPermission for cases when node1 property is provided

WFLY-7867 Update org.apache.httpcomponents* to latest

- get rid of bunch of deprecated usages of http client

- prepare build for upcoming wildfly-core change

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Add missing import statement

[WFLY-7539 10.x] Disable WebSocketTestCase in 10.x

WFLY-7538 reenable WebSocketTestCase with Security manager and extend it (cover also standalone client usecase)

Merge pull request #9151 from spyrkob/WFLY-6997

WFLY-6997 Test cases for JBERET-231 and JBERET-117

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[WFLY-7539] Disable WebSocketTestCase

Merge pull request #9281 from spolti/WFLY-7309

[WFLY-7309] - Make the authentication configurable in the testsuite

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Merge commit 'c190a7460f4051014edac62680e1867f1e8e7f9c' into resteasy-3.1.0.CR3

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Merge pull request #8811 from sguilhen/master

[WFLY-4882] Differentiate empty and undefined maximum sets.

Merge pull request #8419 from jmesnil/WFLY-5621_messaging_xsd_cleanup

[WFLY-5621] Cleanup messaging XSD schemas

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Merge pull request #8860 from jmesnil/WFLY-5522_artemis_journal_module

[WFLY-5522] Split Artemis journal module

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WFLY-7298 Testsuite IO ops housekeeping

- don't always log deployments

- remove full tree read that is not used

- replace system.out --> log.trace

- replace --> log.trace

- make all test code use jboss logging instead of 3 diffrent log frameworks

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Revert "WFLY-3639 default-web-module doesn't work for non default hosts & servers"

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WFLY-6705 Namespaces / schema versions of module.xml are out of sync

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WFLY-6901 - add checkstyle to web testsuite

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Merge branch 'WFLY-5117_WFLY-5136' into elytron_integration

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[WFLY-6873] Reload the server in WebCERTTestsSecurityDomainSetup tearDown