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WFLY-7618: fix code not to use default platform dependant encoding

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ExecutionContext has been deprecated and Immutable removed

WFLY-9469 - Assumes in SPNEGOLoginModuleTestCase doen's make sense

WFLY-7867 Update org.apache.httpcomponents* to latest

- get rid of bunch of deprecated usages of http client

- prepare build for upcoming wildfly-core change

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Merge pull request #8200 from kwart/WFLY-5409-kerberos-skip-tests-ipv6

[WFLY-5409] Fix skipping Kerberos tests when on IPv6 hosts without hostname

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[WFLY-6445] Test coverage for HTTP GSS-API authentication workflows (SPNEGO, Kerberos)

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[WFLY-5409] Fix skipping Kerberos tests when on IPv6 hosts without hostname

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[WFLY-4313] Stabilization of Kerberos tests in the testsuite

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Fix redirect processing for SPNEGO authentication

WFLY-1685 : Fixing bug by setting the TCCL to the domain management module classloader which enables the JDK's LDAP Jndi code to access JBoss SSLSocket Factory Integrating refactoring of security integration tests. Using JUnit @Before / @After to ensure that the configuration is correctly cleaned. Simplifying the test code.

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