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Core split: Remove all non-core modules, add dependencies on org.wildfly.core artifacts

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[WFLY-3214] Cleanup up integration between AttributeDefinition constructors and the builders

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Add Wildfly build plugin and change build to use this instead of ant scripts

This also introduces the wildfly core module that is used as part of the core build

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Spelling fixes

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[WFLY-2864] WildFly Threads Subsystem

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Update to WildFly Security Manager 1.0.0.Final

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Revert "Revert "Remove some deps leftovers & testsuite cleanup""

This reverts commit b05a7ff4d35cedc85d5ac82e611d44b5c7464f1e.

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Revert "Remove some deps leftovers & testsuite cleanup"

This reverts commit 005567fe438049426292e4ca270060eadd8c9b7b.

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[WFLY-2336] reorganized fix

[WFLY-2336] The core size needs to be adjustined in line with the max size to avoid IllegalArgumentExceptions when modifying max-threads on an unbounded, queueless executor

[WFLY-508] Added thread pool and thread factory to be managed from the subsystem. Set the TCCL for executing tasks and using the bean manager.

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Remove some deps leftovers & testsuite cleanup

- unify surefire configuration

- upgrade to newer surefire

- move most of surefire configuration to plugin definition section

- unify basic testsuite by removing full & web configs

- introduce -Phelp profile when you need to pring debug help for TS

- WFLY-2124 Revisit LDAP testing within the testsuite.

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WFLY-1650 : Adding parent class lading exlusion mecanism to the ChildFirstClassLoader to avoid potential ClassCastException with Logger.

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[WFLY-456] Audit Logging - squashed the below commits since master has changed so much

[WFLY-456] Minor OperationContext impl cleanups

[WFLY-456] Bring in John Bailey's audit log classes

[WFLY-456] Add real audit loggers into the model controllers; integrate management handlers

[WFLY-456] Log the full set of information

[WFLY-456] Fix problems from rebase

[WFLY-456] Use SecurityContext when invoking JMX methods via remoting

[WFLY-456] Move core security classes into own module

[WFLY-456] Rework things and make the controller logger work

[WFLY-456] Include the access mechanism in the log, move some more classes to core-security

[WFLY-456] Make audit logger available to JMX

[WFLY-456] Pluggable MBeanServer delegate to audit logger, and loads of exception handling

[WFLY-456] Jmx audit log proxy

[WFLY-456] Separate the configuration for the core controller and jmx audit logs

[WFLY-456] Set the booting flag in the jmx layer

[WFLY-456] Integrate audit logging resource and ops into JMX extension so it can be configured there

[WFLY-456] Correct copyright notices in my new files

[WFLY-456] fix problems from rebase

[WFLY-456] Get rid of the original hashing implementation

[WFLY-456] Add missing originalResultTxControl from rebase

[WFLY-456] Add config for appenders

[WFLY-456] Basic file appender and json formatter. The output needs cleaning up and everything is currently hardcoded

[WFLY-456] Back up the previous log file. Basic syslog appender (awaiting the improved logmanager SyslogHandler)

[WFLY-456] Use the org.wildfly:wildfly-xxx names. Start configuring file appenders

[WFLY-456] Configure model for syslog appender

[WFLY-456] Log audit log records for ParallelBootOperationContext and ReadOnlyContext

[WFLY-456] Make whether to log on boot configurable

[WFLY-456] Be able to add/remove appender references at runtime and update the appenders at runtime

[WFLY-456] Add boot-log to jmx audit-log as well and update xsd's for both core and jmx

[WFLY-456] Make additive changes to appenders take effect right away, and delay changes/removals until the current audit record has been written

[WFLY-456] Add schema support and parsing for managed server path overrides, and clean up the handlers

[WFLY-456] Use 'handler' rather than 'appender'

[WFLY-456] Pass in audit log operations to managed servers on boot

[WFLY-456] Separate handler chains for host and managed server audit logs

[WFLY-456] i18n and get rid of code no longer needed

[WFLY-456] Fix problems from rebase, revisit security after moved WildFlySecurityManager

[WFLY-456] Flesh out the syslog handler, tried with UDP

[WFLY-456] Start testing the handlers and ops

[WFLY-456] Set up proper syslog host and app names

[WFLY-456] More tests

[WFLY-456] Complete renaming appender->handler. Really

[WFLY-456] Nicer separate configuration for JMX

[WFLY-456] Better testing for enabled and log-read-only audit log write attribute handlers

[WFLY-456] Separate handlers for JMX subsystem audit logging, and tests

[WFLY-456] Maintan a failure count per appender

[WFLY-456] Configure the json formatter and reference from the audit log handlers

Expose 'max-length' and 'truncate' for the syslog handler

[WFLY-456] Make audit logging work in admin-only mode

Fix bug not enabling the appender in domain mode

[WFLY-456] Fixes to tls syslog handler having tried it out against rsyslog

[WFLY-456] don't enable log by default

[WFLY-456] Test jmx audit log transformation

[WFLY-456] Test audit logging in testsuite

[WFLY-456] Move new i18n bits into domain-management, rather than using the ones from controller

[WFLY-456] Recycle handler operation, make max-failure-count configurable per handler, expose runtime attributes for handler failure counts

[WFLY-456] Use strings instead of byte[] for the formatters for now. We can revisit the byte[] part if more tamper detecting formatters are used in the future

[WFLY-456] Use platform independent line terminator

[WFLY-456] Changes to work with latest logmanager following a squash

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Add Wildfly security manager implementation

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[AS7-6781] Make non-final constants final; reduce visibility in some cases

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Use privileged context to construct thread factories

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replace usages of deprecated junit.framework.*

  1. … 300 more files in changeset.
Fix code to comply with more strict UnusedImport rules

* don't introduce compile import dependency in case javadoc is only user of imporated class

  1. … 157 more files in changeset.
AS7-6528 Fix test to avoid service name conflicts

[AS7-6542] skipReverseControllerCheck() and JIRAs to get rid of them

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Remove all unused imports

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Make subsystem-test use the legacy dependencies for its full classpath

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Add remove step handler for the common case of removing a single service

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Cleanup threads subsystem tests & add support for deprecating extensions

* Remove legacy threads tests (before subsystem test framework)

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
AS7-6334 Run threads transformation tests against both 7.1.2 and 7.1.3

Convert threads, jca and ejb3 to use transformer builder.

These were all done as one commit since they all rely on changes in threads

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more API cleanup

  1. … 18 more files in changeset.
Deprecate ExpressionResolver.DEFAULT

  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
Don't use deprecated apis & code cleanup

get rid of bunch of compiler warnings

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