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[WFLY-10906]:Fix roleMapper is lost in SecurityIndentity

[JBWS-4134]:clean up security identity

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Minor change:more improvement

Revert "[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity "

[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity

[WFLY-10480]:Convert subject to Elytron securityIdentity

[WFLY-10578] Refactoring - eliminating DependencyType enum usages in webservices subsystem.

[WFLY-10578] Removing DependencyType argument from ComponentDescription.addDependency() method and fixing usages accordingly.

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WFLY-10299 Mark deployment resources as not provisioning features

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WFLY-9861 Fix intermittent WS deployment problem due to optional dependencies

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WFLY-9601 upgrade version of checkstyle to latest

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[WFLY-9190] Comment out unused logger methods

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[WFLY-9176] Don't do a recursive readResourceFromRoot to inspect the names of children

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[WFLY-9147] Fix POJO WS to default to Undertow default-security-domain instead of hardcoded other

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WFLY-9012 refactor WS transformers to use non deprecated API

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WFLY-8697 WSModelDeploymentProcessor doesn't remove WSAttachmentKeys.DEPLOYMENT_KEY on undeploy()

WFLY-8697 GracefulShutdownIntegrationProcessor is leaking AllowWSRequestPredicate

WFLY-7576 Use non-deprecated version of parser registration method

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WFLY-7576 stop using deprecated setAllowNull in favour of setRequired

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WFLY-7576 Don't use deprecated no-op OperationContext#stepCompleted()

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[JBTM-2853] Import XTS transaction on WS invocation

Webservices module needs to depend on wfly txn client now

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[WFLY-7998]:Fix NPE in

Merge pull request #9206 from iweiss/WFLY-2640

[WFLY-2640] Unable to add cached-connection-manager after removing it once

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[JBWS-4048] Leak prevention

[JBWS-4048] Misc improvements

WFLY-7562 allow expressions for statistics-enabled of webservices subsystem

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[WFLY-7581] Drop the use of the org.jboss.invocation.PrivilegedWithCombinerInterceptor to be compatible with JBoss Invocation 1.5.0

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Install ws predicate also when running EndpointPublisher Fixing module dependency issue

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Copy REJECTION_RULE attachment from DeploymentUnit to JBossWS SPI Deployment

Add new method EndpointPublishService#createServiceBuilder(final ServiceTarget serviceTarget, final String context, final ClassLoader loader, final String hostName, final Map<String, String> urlPatternToClassName, JBossWebMetaData jbwmd, WebservicesMetaData wsmd, JBossWebservicesMetaData jbwsmd, Map<Class<?>, Object> deploymentAttachments)