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Port metadata tests.
[JBAS-7894] Fix the depchain POM name and description
[JBAS-7267] Do not export a dependency to the EJB3.0 version of org.jboss.ejb3.timeout
Add mod_cluster tests to "tests" target
[JBAS-7894] Create a POM to hold all JBossAS runtime dependencies; use this from the distribution POM
[JBAS-7836] Upgrade mod_cluster to 1.1.0.CR1
LGPL headers
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moving rhq version from hornetq-int/pom.xml into component-matrix/pom.xml
JBAS-7871 Create a JMXAuthenticator implementation. secure our JSR-160 jmxconnector
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JBAS-7871 Create a JMXAuthenticator implementation. secure our JSR-160 jmxconnector
[EMB-85] Remove the hack assembly combining all JBossAS libs; we'll instead handle this by way of JBAS-7894 and JBAS-7907
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fixed maven build
[EMB-85] Remove the hack reverting XB versions and put a proper solution in place for booting using repeatableParticleHandlers=false
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- Web beta 2 tag.
JBAS-7640: Chill the logging a bit
[JBAS-7906] Upgrade to jboss classpool 1.0.0.Alpha5
Updates to get working with the javassist implementation of jboss reflect
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-scm] copy for tag 1.0.0.Alpha5
  1. /projects/jboss-classpool/tags/1.0.0.Alpha5
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.0.0.Alpha5
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EJBTHREE-2020: fixed regression on aspectdomain test
Exclude the eclipse files
[JBREFLECT-116] Don't throw error when pool is not found
EJBTHREE-2057 Fixed the MetricsUnitTestCase for HornetQ related integration changes
Add missing test dependencies
EJBTHREE-2072 Removed jboss specific logger appenders and levels ffrom log4j.xml files
[JBREFLECT-113] Support package annotations in javassist