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remove wrong <activation-config> introduced in JBPAPP-10659
JBPAPP-10720: Merge build/build.properties and tools/etc/buildmagic/version-info.xml

version-info.xml is using build.properties.

The builds make a reference to the dir in which the build.properties is.

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JBPAPP-10412: Welcome page says Tomcat status instead of JBossWeb status.

tagging 1.0.2.GA_CP03
  1. /projects/server-manager/tags/1.0.2.GA_CP03
preparing for 1.0.2.GA_CP03 tag
JBPAPP-10661 moving the condition to a better place, it was always null there
JBAPP-10466 Upgrade jboss-ejb3-bom-eap5 to 1.0.5
[JBPAPP-10937] Fix state transfer for EJB2 SFSB with deployment dependencies

[JBPAPP-10206] Workaround for session persistence to an Oracle DB for the root context

JBPAPP-10661 fixing the regression caused by an empty jvmArg
[SECURITY-774] Enable white-space in parameters for external password command
JBPAPP-10360: revert upgrade of jboss-server-manager to 1.0.2.GA because of regression

JBPAPP-10912 Provide credentials via a property file for the shutdown script
JBPAPP-10913 Provide a helper class for JAAS Security Domain encrypt/decrypt functions
JBPAPP-10220 Upgrade JBoss CL to 2.0.12.GA, JBPAPP-10744 upgrade jboss serialization to 1_0_6, JBPAPP-10645 Upgrade JBoss VFS to 2.2.3.GA, JBPAPP-10719 Upgrade Picketbox Negotiation to 2.1.4 and JBPAPP-10360 Upgrade jboss-server-manager to 1.0.2.GA_CP02
JBPAPP-10556: CryptoUtil.hasUnlimitedCrypto() returns true even if the unlimited JCE cryptography is not installed

Backport from EAP 6

JBPAPP-9056: Updating netty to 2.6.2.Final to have the same version as the one used by HornetQ

Next is 2.1.5
Tag 2.1.4.GA

Preparing to tag 2.1.4.GA
Support external password for keystore of PicketBoxVault implementation (backport for eap5)
[SECURITY-775], backport vault functionality in jbosssx for EAP5.3
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[SECURITY-775], backport vault functionality in security-spi for EAP5.3
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jboss-ejb3-proxy-clustered-1.0.3.SP2
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jboss-ejb3-proxy-clustered-1.0.3.SP2
[JBPAPP-10928] Enhancing crash recovery test to run PostGres (plus) 9.2 dbs
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jboss-ejb3-common-1.0.4
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