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[JBPAPP-10705], don't use hard-coding test url
fix typo from JBPAPP-10950
follow up [JBPAPP-10950], fix two other intermittent NPE failures
[JBPAPP-10596], fix intermittent failure in BankDeploymentDescriptorTestCase
JBPAPP-10951 fixing demand state of HAPartition for HASessionStateService
JBPAPP-10934 Upgrade commons-cli to 1.2
[SECURITY-782] Fixing {EXTC:timeout} detection problem.
JBPAPP-10829 Upgrade JAXB for EAP 5.2.1/5.3.0
[JBPAPP-10921], add commons-cli classpath and let svn ignores thirdparty/commons-cli
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JBPAPP-10933 vault tool can take an external password + removing a redundant util class
JBPAPP-10950, fix intermittent failure with NPE
Add version properties for commons-cli
JBPAPP-10917 Upgrade Woodstox to 3.2.9_patch_01
JBPAPP-10943 Upgrade Apache Santario to 1.5.6
JBPAPP-10609 Upgrade JBossWeb to version 2.1.14.GA
small test change followed JBPAPP-10921 to be compatible with JDK6
[JBPAPP-10944], fix MultipleDefinitionsOfSameBusinessInterfaceUnitTestCase deployment failure with AmbiguousEjbReferenceException
[JBPAPP-10921], backport vault funcionality for EAP 5
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JBPAPP-10670 Upgrade JacORB to 2.3.2-jboss-5
JBPAPP-10435 Release and upgrade JBossWS-Native for EAP 5.3.0
JBPAPP-10897 Upgrade JBoss Security to 2.0.6
JBPAPP-10444 Upgrade JBoss Microcontainer to 2.0.11.GA
JBPAPP-10932 Upgrade Hibernate ORM for EAP 5.3
setting next version
setting next version
JBPAPP-10360 Upgrade jboss-server-manager to 1.0.2.GA_CP03
tagging the release 2.0.6.Final
Version change for release 2.0.6.Final
back to the branch
tagging the release 2.0.6.Final