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Modified pom.xml to fix build issues. Added jboss maven repository configuration. Added dependencies on jboss-test and jboss profiler. Included compilation of unit tests.
TypeInfo.getTypeInfoFactory, partition of DispatchContext
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Add some tests to try to reproduce Tim Fox's problem
Updated clustered proxy binding listings to reference unified invoker instead of rmi (the non-clustered were already changed a while back).
Externalize service-ref
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Get ready for 1.5.3.GA
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[JBAOP-340] Chain overriding for ClassContainer, port over changes from trunk
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[JBAOP-336] Makes current class advisor backwards compatible with previous versions, allowing the

interception of calls made inside constructors without need for a callingObject.

see if the jbossts snapshot solves the ConcurrentModificationException when committing a tx
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fix the log4j.properties configuration
fix the log4j.properties configuration
fix the log4j.properties configuration
Add innerclasses of ASpectManager to client.jar
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[JBAOP-340] Chain overriding for ClassContainer, add tests to testsuite run
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Eclipse project & classpath
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[JBAOP-336] Fix aopc compilation error on genadvisor tasks
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Use deployment root VirtualFile in @WebServiceRef handling
[JBAOP-336] Removed getCallingObject method, that is duplicated on the superclass
[JBAOP-336] Syntax error, calling super class constructor after setting callingObject value
[JBAOP-336] Fix GeneratedAdvisorCallerTransformer, that was using helper field instead of current advisor

on the replacement of method calls made inside constructors

[JBAOP-340] Chain overriding for ClassContainer
JBAS-3198 - adding scoped deployments with pooled invoker classloader testcase to 4.0.2.CP branch
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JBAS-3913 - fix for pooled invoker scoped classloading bug (added testcases to testsuite)
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Fix <wsdl-location> override for @WebServiceRef injection

Remove ejb3 dependency on jbossws

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Removed erroneous change to test case
Allow a null ManagedObject and for the ManagedObject to be set
Correct the test suite setup
JBAS-3995, look for jboss-log4j.xml global resource, instead.
Documentation typo error