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[JBAS-4615] Flush cached Naming stub and retry on NoSuchObjectException

[JBAS-4622] Ensure JBAS-4615 fix works when no java.naming.provider.url is specified

[JBAS-4740] Wrap the cause of ServiceUnavailable, giving preference to wrapping NoSuchObjectException
[JBAS-4615] Make our DRM replicant name configurable so we can do it in test cases
Use latest Messaging and Remoting
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[JBAS-4623] Don't set the 'jboss' server if it already exists
[JBAS-4428] Add test of correct maxInactiveInterval treatment
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[JBAS-4611] Just do a local-only remove instead of recursive evicts
Delete temporary fix for the lack of InboundTransactionCurrent in jboss-integration.jar.

Add missing file
Add the Beta3 release build ids to the jca-api and transaction-spi dependencies
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Add jboss-vfs to dependencies
Add jbossws-spi to dependencies
Add the jbossws-spi and jboss-vfs jars
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    • +34
Add the legacy serviceref classes
Add a testStandard to test jboss.xml/standardjboss.xml interaction
Add a standardjboss.xml type of descriptor
Upgrade to jboss aop 2.0.0.beta1 and javassist 3.6.0.GA
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Moving IoC annotations to api package name.

Adding new assembly to create just annotations artifact.

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Changing KernelBus contract, removing kernel registry joinpoints, removing getTarget on InvokeDispatchContext.

Creating a TODO on removing/better securing getClassLoader in InvokeDispatchContext.

update javadoc
EJBTHREE-786: unit test
EJBTHREE-785: unit test
Get rid of logging
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jboss-ejb3-cache-0.11.0
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Rollback to 65524

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jboss-ejb3-cache-0.11.0
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Prepare for release

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JBAS-4737, Upgrade jacorb to 2.3.0jboss.patch5 (from 2.3.0jboss.patch4)
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JBAS-4742, Upgrade jacorb to 2.3.0jboss.patch5 (from 2.3.0jboss.patch4)